Wedding Wednesday: A Review of the StudioWedBox

We all know subscription boxes are the funnest type of mail, which makes a bridal-themed box without a doubt the best thing that could be delivered to our house (short of the Publisher’s Clearing House jumbo check.) For this week’s Wedding Wednesday I am thrilled to share some matrimonial goodies, all packaged up in a monthly box with adorable paper like a postal service present. Beats the hell out of another day of only bills in the mail box, amiright?

StudioWed kindly sent me one of its monthly StudioWedBox subscription boxes to try out and review. These boxes range from $29.99 to $39.99 per month and include a variety of themed gifts and ideas. StudioWedBox is hand-selected to represent where you are in the wedding planning process. As a consumer, that is what stood out to me the most: This box is personalized.

StudioWedBox Wedding (3)

The less-than-lovely outside of the box made me assume the products were packaged as a box-within-a-box. While this is wasteful and unnecessary, I was surprised when that wasn’t the case. However, the interior display was much cuter than anticipated, and quickly made up for any shipping box woes. Love this tissue paper!

StudioWedBox Wedding (4)

Like most subscription boxes I’ve tried, the items were tucked away and a note explaining that month’s picks was included. Underneath the tissue I found bridal items representing three categories: gifts, paper, and beauty.

StudioWedBox Wedding (8)

Up first? A gift idea. This adorable tote bag is sturdy and sweet, perfect for keeping wedding planning supplies organized. I adore the fact that it simply says love, instead of something about weddings particularly; it makes it more useful for a longer period of time.

StudioWedBox Wedding (6)

Speaking of wedding planning supplies, let’s take a second to talk about this adorable notebook by Hardink Calligraphy. I’m currently carrying around a variety of scrap paper covered in place setting doodles, ‘don’t forget to invite’ memos, and welcome bag ideas. I’m a pen-and-paper kind of gal, which has translated in my bridal planning style. This is such a cute pad that I am sure to put to use. Bride Ideas!

StudioWedBox Wedding (5)

While the first paper product was so great, I wasn’t as excited about the second one… until I understood what it was. These cards are wedding terms printed as fun flashcards! Familiar with OTT? Pax? It’s all there and more, explained in metallic gold.

StudioWedBox Wedding (1)

You may remember these products from a previous review. This brand must love subscription boxes! While the Lash Cards aren’t for me — I forget about eye makeup five days a week anyway, and when I do apply it there’s rarely enough to merit a shield — this mascara is fantastic. If you hate flaky mascara, the It’s So BIG Volumizing Mascara is a great pick.

StudioWedBox Wedding (7)

Rounding out the cosmetic aspect of this subscription box is nail polish. By far my favorite item, this bottle is wedding-themed in packaging and hue. The shade is ‘I Do’ by Mint. Adorable!

Overall thoughts: While I find the box a bit expensive like all wedding-themed anything, it would make the cutest gift for a recently-ringed gal pal.

What’s your favorite subscription box? Have you tried the StudioWedBox? Tell me in the comments! Thanks again for sending me a box to review, StudioWed! 

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