You Don’t Know Jack (Khoudian… But You Should.)

Meet the man who tamed the mane! Stylist Jack Khoudian is new to St. Louis. This California-transplant recently asked if I’d like to stop by Mitch STL, located in a converted home in The Grove, for a complimentary cut-and-style. Spoiler alert: It was a great decision. 

Upon arrival, Jack gave us a quick tour, highlighting the comfortable lounge and offering us a glass of wine. We talked about the look I was going for, then headed to the washing station to get started. Perhaps I normally visit the wrong salons, but the mini-neck massage mid-conditioning was deeply surprising and quite spectacular; add that to the tea tree oil hot towel I had on my face that practically steamed away an entire work week’s worth of stress, and it’s a wonder I didn’t doze off in relaxed bliss. I loved the vintage-meets-modern atmosphere in the space, and appreciated all the fun tips he shared while styling my ‘do. For example, I should apparently stop putting my hair up while it’s wet; word on the street is it’s really bad.

Unlike many stylists I’ve visited, the conversation was equal parts informative and entertaining. Jack’s personality was one of the highlights of the experience. That is, of course, until I saw the finished look; once I was spun around toward the mirror I kind of stopped listening to anyone else. The man is good at what he does, plain and simple.

Now, get to know one of the Gateway City’s newest stylists below.

Photo courtesy of Jack Khoudian

Julia: What drew you to be a stylist?
Jack: I wanted to be in an industry where I could talk to and interact with all kinds of people. What made me love my career is the simple smile, the sparkle in the eye that a client gets from the boost of confidence that I somehow helped achieve. This alone keeps me loving what I do daily.


Julia: What are your favorite hair products?
Jack: My go-to product is the Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam. It goes on before you blow-dry. It conditions, reduces frizz, and adds shine to the hair while giving it that touchable hold. It’s good for all hair types. Plus, it smells like piña colada, which is great for women and men.

Note from Julia: He used this product on my hair. I loved the look, and it smelled SO amazing. 


Julia: What are a few bad hair habits you wish people would stop?
Jack: I wish people would stop being unhappy with their hair. If you want it, get it; and if you don’t love it, then let me help you fall back in love with it. Also, remember conditioner is your best friend. It helps seal that cuticle and puts the love back into the hair.


Well, Jack, you could not have been more successful. I’ve fallen back in love with my hair, and it’s all thanks to you!

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