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Ugh. Exercise. I knooooow. Ugggghhhhhh. 

I often joke (okay, it’s not really a joke) about how much I hate working out. It just isn’t my thing. Occasionally I get on a yoga kick and really enjoy it, but for the most part, I drag my feet when it comes to exercising. I’m snarling just thinking about it.

But… Given the right attire, it’s clear now that working out is sincerely more tolerable in clothing you feel comfortable wearing. I’m not saying it has made me love exercise — that would be nothing short of a lie. The right attire has helped me tolerate exercise, which is a step in the fit direction. When I was sent a box of VS goodies to review from Influenster’s VoxBox program, I figured that meant I ought to try exercise again. Verdict: I still don’t like it, but the clothes helped.

In addition to some coupons, the VoxBox came with two main goodies: a bra and pants, both of which I adore. This VS Incredible Sport Bra keeps my girls in place without smothering them, and that’s fantastic; maybe it’s just me, but when my boobs are happy, I’m happy. Plus, getting this sport bra on and off is easier than any other I’ve tried, thanks to the opening in the back. While the bra does slip over your head, a set of hooks can be unclasped to give you enough room to comfortably slip your shoulders in and out. This means you can take off your sweat-drenched boob holster without accidentally rubbing it across your face. I call that a win for everyone.

The VS Knockout Tight is, hands down, the most comfortable pair of pants I have ever worn. They make me reconsider leggings as pants. (With a tunic? Or a dress? Or at least on a road trip? C’mon…) They are stretchy and stable, meaning I can move freely without feeling exposed in flimsy fabric. It’s an incredible material that makes me feel confident in my appearance — Hey, butt! You look good! — while staying insanely comfortable. Plus, there’s a teeny pocket in the waistband in case you need to hide a key or a hairband or a really small snack.* I have already made it clear to Lance that I will have to buy these in nearly every hue, to which he replied something along the lines of, “Whatever you want… Humina humina humina… yoga pants.” Sounds like another win-for-everyone, if you ask me.

*Don’t hide snacks there.





Currently wearing… Incredible by Victoria’s Secret Sport Bra, c/o Victoria’s Secret x Influenster [HERE] | Knockout by Victoria’s Secret Tight, c/o Victoria’s Secret x Influenster [HERE] | PINK crop top, Victoria’s Secret [SIMILAR] | Nike cross-trainers, DSW [SIMILAR]

Like I said, great workout clothes do not — I REPEAT DO NOT — make working out somehow suddenly fabulous. No. It’s still relatively boring and annoying, just a little better and way more comfortable. If you’re like me, and working out also isn’t your thing, let me recommend a few of my favorite at-home exercise options. Of all the workouts I’ve tried, these suck slightly less.

  • Exercise TV came programmed into our Samsung Smart TV, but it is also available on Hulu. Lots of exercises, lots of different videos, and a very-helpful countdown in the corner telling you how long you have left. I have heard cheesy lines such as “squiggle your toes” during these exercises, and I still like them. I think that says a lot.
  • Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown kicks your butt. I’ve mentioned this before. My butt hurts just thinking about this DVD. This is a great DVD if you’re too pissed for normal yoga.
  • Calorie Killer Yoga has multiple workouts on one DVD. Five total, actually. I like the options, and I liked spending the whole time making weird jokes with Lance about the confusing resort background.

What makes exercise enjoyable for you?

Hey you! I received these products from Influenster’s VoxBox for testing purposes. The opinions and bad jokes are totally mine.


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