3 Products to Ease the Pain of IVF’s Progesterone in Oil Injections

Ask anyone in the IVF community what sucks the most and one of the top answers is sure to be progesterone in oil. These expensive vials of liquid fire hurt to inject, ache for literally days, and come with a myriad of miserable side effects.

They’re awful. Here’s my general thought about IVF shots. And this isn’t even progesterone in oil madness. Just regular old tiny injections.

But seriously, look at that size difference. Progesterone in oil is the wOoOoOorRrRrRsSsSsStTtTt.

At least sometimes they give you so much medication you forget how badly the progesterone in oil burns and you can focus on the important stuff? Like Gushers?

If you’re suffering through IVF, do yourself a favor: buy these three things and have a (slightly) easier cycle.

1. ShotBlocker

Perhaps regular shots don’t bother you. Or maybe you hate every single needle. Either way, the progesterone in oil shot experience is frankly unlike your other IVF medications. The liquid is THICK—and not the fun kind of thicc, but a concoction so dense sucking it out of the container feels like honey and the needle gauge is, uh, high. A friend thankfully recommended the $6.50 ShotBlocker, which overstimulates the area around the injection so it’s harder to feel the poke.

2. Genie Bra

I wished for big boobs as a kid, and when they finally came I was ecstatic. For years they stayed at my personal perfect size, but thanks to IVF they’ve puffed up and turned constantly sore. Progesterone in oil has finally turned mine from testy ta-tas to constantly throbbing titties. Thanks, IVF.

Anyway, this isn’t the sexiest bra you’ll ever own, but we’re past the point of aesthetics. The Genie Bra is like the gentlest boobie hug you could ever imagine. The only solution for my IVF boob pain is light support, and these pull-on bras work perfectly.

3. Antihistamine Spray

I used to think ice was the perfect progesterone in oil solution until my doctor banned it. (I am also still very sad about this, but if it interferes with the medicine then I’ll suffer without.) Now that I can’t freeze away the pain, swelling, and skin irritation I’m stuck using a cooling antihistamine spray. I swell a bit around the injection site and end up with an ass full of adorable red welts. This may not help as well as ice, but it’s better than nothing.


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