Addicted to Acupuncture? Why I Keep Going

I can’t stop talking about acupuncture. If we’re friends on Instagram, you’ve surely seen my posts from the heated massage chairs as I relax with a face full of needles. And as for the friends in real life? Well… I assume they’re ready for me to change the subject.

In 2019 I started visiting Modern Acupuncture, and it has in all seriousness changed me for the better. My skin, my sleep, my stress… It impacts more than I could have imagined and I honestly can’t recommend it enough.

I’ve stopped and restarted services a few times to see if I could replicate the effects somewhere else, with yoga or better skincare or something of that sort. Every time I stop going I see my zits gets bigger and my sleep get worse. Acupuncture works incredibly well for me, and in case it could help you I’ve answered a few common questions about the process.

Does acupuncture hurt? Can you feel the needles?

Acupuncture should not hurt – but that doesn’t mean you don’t feel the needles. Most of the needles feel like a tiny little poke, or at worst less than popping one of those small surface whiteheads. There are a few spots that have smarted, but it’s been very rare. If anything continues to hurt you should alert your acupuncturist at once. Overall, there’s little to no pain involved. It’s more of a weird sensation than a pain.

Does acupuncture really do anything?

In my experience and opinion, yes! Absolutely! There are some immediate differences I notice after appointments. For example, I have come in with a specific pain (slept wrong on my shoulder, can’t shake a headache, etc.) and left with it fixed, even after OTC pain medication didn’t help. Part of my fertility issue makes my cycle unpredictable, so on multiple occasions acupuncture has triggered an overdue period for me… within hours. When I go on a regular basis I can see huge differences in my acne, both the amount and the intensity, as well as my skin texture. I’ve also noticed benefits in my sleep and digestion.

And then there’s my favorite perk: stress relief. I honestly leave feeling jovial. Some people even leave in tears – like that scene from You Season 2, but with less… uh… murder – because the whole experience is so relieving. And considering that one of my fertility doctors prescribed me relaxation and cited stress as one of my medical issues, finding something to make me calm down is very important.

Now here’s what I don’t know – is it, outside of my relaxation, actively helping my fertility? I have no idea, and I won’t have a way of knowing. We took most of 2019 off of active fertility treatments to focus on relaxing, travel, and business. My fertility doctor told me he wasn’t sure it would actively help me but mentioned it was previously thought of as a beneficial addition to my treatment. Holistic professionals and countless infertility patients cite a major connection between acupuncture and fertility, so since I’m already visiting for other reasons I’ll happily continue keeping fertility treatments in my rotation.

What should I know before I go?

First of all, you shouldn’t wear makeup. Ha! (I took the photo here at an event where we were given a treatment, but overall you should arrive with clean skin.) I’d recommend wearing something loose and comfortable like leggings, as some needles may go into your legs or feet. Discuss your needs prior to your appointment and with your specific acupuncturist. You’ll probably be there 45-60 minutes.

And is this sponsored?

Nope! Full disclosure: I was provided with free and discounted treatments in exchange for a post on the experience… but the Modern Acupuncture team was the first to say, “It doesn’t have to be positive! We want honest!” These are all my opinions and I wasn’t paid to share them. I do have a special bargain I can share with readers, though. Your first appointment at Modern Acupuncture is always free, but visit the Des Peres, Missouri, location and say you’re from Oh, Julia Ann for additional special savings.

Have you tried acupuncture? Will you? Let me know if you have any questions about the experience!

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