On New Year’s Resolutions: 3 Healthy Habits I’ll Keep from 2019

This post is brought to you in partnership with adidas. All opinions are my own.

Every year that I work for myself I learn a little more about what I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong. Some wins? I’ve become better at networking, I’m a little more organized, and my time management has improved as my client list has filled out. And the losses? Well, paperwork apparently isn’t my strong suit. I need to stop assuming the worst from vague emails. And I’ve developed a few unhealthy norms in my working-from-home lifestyle.

It’s easy to make bad choices when you’re home all day. Your schedule gets wacky, it’s simpler to snack, and your activity level naturally decreases. After Year 1 of self employment I knew some things had to change… and in 2019, some of these additions seriously improved my year. Here’s what healthy habits from last year I’m bringing into 2020.

Learn when to step away from the screen: Hello, boundaries! Freelance work doesn’t have set hours. I can select my own and decide how many are available for purchase, more or less. And while I’m incredibly lucky in the sense that none of my clients have unrealistic time expectations, I am notorious for staying online “for only one more hour.” In 2019 I started forcing myself to close the laptop and fully walk away, and I need to keep that up in the new year. Not only is it better for my health, but my work improves when I stop staring at the screen!

Walk more: Sure, my travels are full of (unhealthy) treats, but they have reintroduced me to one important health habit – walking! It feels odd going from 20,000+ steps per day on vacation to barely any at home, so adding more dog walks and treadmill time has made everything feel better. As obvious as it sounds, walking/exercising as a whole became much more enjoyable once I found sneakers that keep me comfortable both physically and fashionably; I’m a huge fan of the adidas Campus ADV shoes but my new adidas white and black Superstar shoes are probably my new favorite.

Schedule exercise: Apparently “I’ll go to the gym more this month” is insufficient for me. Ha! In 2019 I learned I respond much better to scheduled exercise, and while that can mean a set number of times per week or pre-picked days, I know I have to have a plan in order to maintain my goals. Thankfully, my husband has always known he’s a schedule-or-nothing kind of guy so it hasn’t been too hard switching over myself. Perhaps in 2020 I’ll take it to the next step and stick with scheduled classes for that extra layer of accountability!

I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions – they’re just a little too vague for me – but I like having general guidelines for the year. We’re still working on our overall goals, but it’s nice starting 2020 with a few habits I already appreciate. Here’s to a year full of health and happiness!

This post is brought to you in partnership with adidas. All opinions are my own.

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