Birchbox No. 7: Klorane, Marvis, Sumita, COOLA, Pilot

My May Birchbox review is a smidge late because these products took quite a while to review… And I kept forgetting to wear the sunscreen. In this box I found a few new favorites, an eyeliner I can’t master and what I have to imagine is the most hilariously overpriced toothpaste on either side of the Mississippi. Read on! Read on!


Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo | Despite– or perhaps because of– the industrial scent, this stuff truly cleans your hair. Out of the five or so dry shampoos I’ve tried, this comes in at number one, followed shortly by the Suave option and plain baby powder. If you depend on dry shampoo, this is your new favorite. [Buy this beauty HERE]

Marvis Toothpaste | This was a bad joke of a toothpaste. It didn’t taste or feel like it was cleaning my teeth or freshening my breath. Damn near $11 for toothpaste because of the silver packaging? I’m a sucker for aesthetics, but… C’mon now… [See how overpriced it is HERE]

Sumita Eyeliner in Black | If you can apply eyeliner precisely, this is your stuff. It won’t smear, it won’t smudge, it just stays put all day. But if you’re a little shaky or heavy-handed, there is no getting this practically permanent stuff off, short of saturating your entire face in makeup remover for several minutes. You’ve been warned. [Wear if you dare HERE]

COOLA Classic SPF 30 Face Sunscreen | I don’t spend too much time in the sun, so I don’t have any truly helpful reviews about whether or not it stayed on while at the pool, etc. It smelled nice without too much of a distinguishable scent. It went on smoothly without any issues I normally have with standard sunscreen: burning on the cheeks, redness, and all other sensitive skin norms.  [Protect those cheeks HERE]

Pilot Acroball PureWhite Ink Pen in Lavendar | I like to pretend that being a writer gives me some crazed, bullshit reason to love pens and paper. But that isn’t it. There’s just something great about a good pen, and everyone knows it. One that writes smoothly and feels nice and comes in good colors is divine. This lil’ cutie came in lavender, which is just as life-appropriate as it is not work-appropriate. It’s obviously at my desk. [Get your new pen-bff HERE]

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