Celebrate in Red, White & Blue | Fourth of July Outfits

There’s something about old school Americana that I adore. Give me a vintage-style denim jacket, a classic car and a bandanna in the hair any day of the (summertime) week. I can’t quite find a ’57 Chevy, but we do have a small fleet of Jeeps, and I’ve got a train case full of red lipstick. Close enough.

The Fourth of July is the perfect time to rock these Americana looks; after all, it’s a great summer holiday full of togetherness, tasty food, time outdoors, unity, traditions and fireworks. Stars and stripes make a beautiful flag… and great outfit inspiration.

4th of July 2012 - 2

4th of July 2012 - 1

This time last year, we were melting, but it wasn’t too hot to enjoy time with dear friends… and my American bulldogs, the ’90 Jeep, and my bright blue wedges.

This year, I think I’ll try something a little different. Perhaps a crop top with a high-waisted circle skirt, complete, of course, with red, white and blue. (And more likely than not, some sort of mustard stain somewhere before the end of the day. A lot of summer foods are better with mustard and I’m, y’know, me.)


Happy Fourth of July! How are you celebrating? What will you be wearing?

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