Christmas Crafting: Easy DIY Snow Globe Ornaments from Cupcake Toppers

I keep buying fancy cupcake toppers for cupcakes I never bake. You know the kind: three-dimensional, deeply intricate, and highly discounted at a store like Home Goods. There’s charming witches with string hair and holographic ghosts for Halloween, or honeycomb turkeys and pumpkins for Thanksgiving. And at Christmas, the options are practically endless: Santas and reindeer and nutcrackers and cute little ballerinas dressed up as the sugar plum fairy. They make you want to bake. Certainly, with something so festive, you’ll find a use for them.

But I rarely do. I’m just not that good with cake, to be honest. I’ve made homemade cupcake three times and they were all awful. I enjoy box mix as much as the next gal, but Christmas time means spritz cookies and gingerbread in my family so a pack of yellow cake with Funfetti frosting, no matter how festive the sprinkles, just isn’t a necessity.

And yet I buy the toppers. It’s a weakness.

After my most recent “Why did I buy this?” moment I decided I had to find a new use for my adorable Meri Meri cupcake toppers ⁠— especially the honeycomb snowman which is so charming it forced me to buy the useless product in the first place. My solution? Trim the ends of the toothpicks and glue them inside empty plastic ornaments for an easy DIY holiday snow globe. (Or rather, a faux globe? There’s no water inside, obviously, but the snow globe feeling is there.)

This Christmas craft is inexpensive, easy to make, affordable, cute as can be, incredibly cheap… Have I mentioned it doesn’t cost much? This would be a fun craft for a group, either with family or friends during the holiday season, and can easily be customized depending on which cupcake toppers convince you this is the year you’ll up your baking game.

Here’s what you’ll need…

DIY Christmas Ornament Snow Globes from Cupcake Toppers


  • Festive holiday cupcake toppers
  • Plastic ornaments, ideally ones with large openings
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Miscellaneous ribbons and small holiday craft items like bottle brush trees
  • Artificial snow


  • Trim the end of the toothpick on the cupcake topper with scissors (be careful!) and glue it inside your empty ornament
  • Attach any other festive additions like bottle brush trees
  • Pour artificial snow inside
  • Decorate outside with ribbons

Happy crafting!

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