Date night dilemma – Solved! (Plus a brief description as to why “Taken 2” was, well, dull.)

After experiencing a  planning clusterfuck (seriously, STL may be cheap, but going out is pricey everywhere) Lance and I were able to find a great way to spend our Saturday without losing the rent money: a drink with friends and a movie at student rates.

We met up with people at Blueberry Hill– a STL treasure/the service you’d expect at the bar that might as well have invented hipsters. I may have sworn the place off, but my friend’s boy’s band was playing and she needed someone to sip Dirty Shirleys with. What’s a girl to do?

I’m proud of you, though, Blueberry barkeeps. You actually paid attention to me tonight. Considering last time we went (and were the only–literally– customers at the bar and neither bartender wouldn’t let us order), I was amazed to hear “What can I get you?” through the crowd. Maybe you’re not worth writing off, especially if you always serve so heavy-handed.

After I finished my drink we headed out toward the ‘burbs where the tickets are cheaper; Lance is straightedge, which is divine for me… a trustworthy D.D. any night of the week. We watched Taken 2, which was sort of a ‘Thanks for seeing Argo with me, now we can see your movie’ compromise. As much as I would love to pretend I as the woman decide what we do, the man wanted to see Taken 2 and the man kills spiders for me. Plus, I sort of love him. I can go to some guy sequel, even if I barely liked the first one.

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Taken 2 wasn’t awful… And I think that’s a fair way to describe it. There were few truly suspenseful moments (which is amazing for me to say since I was ever-so-slightly buzzed during the first half) and even fewer amusing ones, despite the tried-and-true protective father meets boyfriend dilemma. Blah. Considering the ending was quick and shallow, I’d have to say the best parts involved main character Bryan (Liam Neeson) in less-than-thrilling middle aged man fights and daughter Kim (Maggie Grace) playing baby badass. I wasn’t annoyed we saw it, I just doubt we’ll ever do it again. I think it was more of a blow for Lance, who was very excited for a manly sequel and feared it might be more Crank 2 than captivating; at least he had the amusement of watching me literally shovel a bag of large popcorn down my throat within the first 25 minutes. Not my or Neeson’s finest moment, I suppose.


  1. October 23, 2012 / 4:31 am

    Cheap date nights are always in demand 🙂 We’ve got expensive things at least monthly from now until Christmas, so we have to be careful with money.
    I’m sad that the film wasn’t any good! I guess when it’s the same thing done a second time, it’ll be really hard to make it an awesome film.

    • October 23, 2012 / 1:42 pm

      Ughhh, I know, this time of year is crazy. It’s still warm enough here for a brisk picnic, which I thought would be a terribly fun, cheap date, but it keeps raining. While our November isn’t too expensive (except for the Thanksgiving grocery bill… Turkeys have gone up in price here a LOT) but December is crazy. My graduation, our anniversary, Christmas, Lance’s birthday… I think we are stuck with coupon dates from now till then. Or Netflix. Ha!

      • October 23, 2012 / 3:37 pm

        Netflix is a pretty good substitute! I wrote a book of date nights for Hairy to choose from so we never ran out of ideas 🙂 We’ve got Hallowe’en, anniversary, housewarming and then trains down for Christmas with family (and presents!)

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