Date night dilemma

Lance and I had the most perfect date last night: wandering the Central West End in quintessential cozy-autumn weather, dinner at the Drunken Fish, desserts at The Cup, a late-night movie… What could be more romantic?

Whatever I’m planning for tonight, of course! Okay, well that’s the idea, anyway… Lance is at the junkyard pulling bolts off old Jeeps– he is so close to fixing our old ’90 Cherokee!– and I was assigned the high-pressure job of planning our Saturday evening. What can I possibly do that is affordable (last night was a little pricier than we intended), fun, romantic and happening tonight?

Maybe I’ll eat the last cupcake from last night and become inspired by the adorable romance we just experienced. Or maybe I’ll just get a sugar high. Here’s hoping.


    • October 23, 2012 / 1:39 pm

      That cupcake was the tastiest, too. 🙂

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