Easy, Big Hair: Review of the Voloom Hair Volume Iron

I have been fighting my straight hair my entire life. I love the look of curls, and the flat, lifeless look of my untreated straight hair has always left me yawning. So when I heard about the Voloom, and had the opportunity to review one through its PR team, I knew what I needed to do.

In case you haven’t seen it all over social media, the Voloom is a volume hair iron available in three sizes and designed to give you a teased look that lasts all day. For the sake of reviewing, I kept my hair straight and parted it right down the middle so we could compare the finished product to my normal hair. Spoiler: I’m stoked.

First, let’s break down the product: For $129.99, you receive one Voloom iron, three hair clips in a carrying bag, one hot tool case, and one teasing brush. (I didn’t personally use any of the accessories while styling, but it’s nice that they’re available if you need them.) To use the product, you crimp the hidden sections of your hair near the roots and cover with the top layer. According to the directions, merely two or three crimps per section of hair—each held for no more than one second—will give you great volume. Sounds simple enough, yeah?


Isn’t the volume fantastic? After flipping the top layer of hair on one side over, I spent about two minutes quickly crimping, flipping, and crimping the next layer. One place I’ve seen other bloggers and vloggers mess up is the timing; you’re supposed to only hold this in place for a second, and that’s true. More time does give you more volume but it creates a more obvious crimp that might show if your hair moves. This was subtle enough that if the wind blew, you wouldn’t notice the teasing I did with the Voloom.

I am thrilled by the results of this product. It takes such a short amount of time for results I really love. The only problem areas I see are the price and the hairstyle limitations. I personally think the $129.99 price is confusingly high—but that being said, I use it a few times per week, so it might make sense for my (and potential your) budget. I’ve seen people try to use an actual hair crimper as a cheaper alternative, but that leaves true crimp marks instead of the light divots seen with this. The only other issue is you have to know how you want to style your hair in advance. With how I styled my hair today, for example, if I wanted to later change my part you’d be able to see some textural differences. That isn’t too common of an issue for me, but you’ve been warned.

For the sake of a proper review, I feel I also need to list the weird perks I’ve run across. This has helped me give life back to day-old hair, as well as mild hat hair in less than five minutes. Using the Voloom makes braids and updos bigger and better. And if I use it on clean hair early my hair looks fresher longer. AM I MAKING MYSELF CLEAR? This thing is weird and amazing and I love it.  It’s one of those simple, effective ideas that makes you wonder why more products like this don’t exist. Consider me a Voloom-er for life. (Voloom user? Voloom gal? They all sound vaguely sexual but my hair looks great so whatever.)

At 28, I think I finally love my straight hair. It’s truly a beauty miracle.


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  1. Yesenia
    April 24, 2019 / 4:42 pm

    I prefer my Karmin iron.

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