Like Riding a Bike

If I had to guess, I would assume it had been 13 years since I’d been on a bicycle. And the last time I wore bib overalls? Probably 18 years ago. I was never a huge fan of either—really only there for the convenience but not totally sold either item—so parting ways was simple. I actually left my last bike at an old apartment by accident and I think I turned my former overalls into a (deeply flawed) purse in high school.

For whatever reason, 28 seemed like a good age to bring both back.

Currently wearing… Overalls, Anthropologie | Tee c/o Express [SEEN HERE] | Headband, Anthropologie | Booties, Naturalizer | Rebecca Minkoff saddle bag c/o St. Louis Premium Outlets

I spotted these overalls closed out an Anthropologie and fell in love with the fabric, but was deeply concerned about actually wearing them. I’m not known for being particularly preppy, so a polka dot train conductor look seemed like… ya know… a reach. As for the bike, I recently wrote about bike sharing for my day job as a reporter and was intrigued when a LimeBike appeared near my house. I tipped over when I tried to ride it and quickly realized I stopped loving bikes as soon as I outgrew the petal-backwards-to-stop kind. What is the benefit of hand brakes anyway?

I’m calling bullshit on this whole it’s just like riding a bike thing. Even after a few loops around the park I felt shaky at best on a bicycle, and the overalls seemed sincerely more constricting than I remember them being in childhood. (I’m thinking boobs and hips might have had something to do with that but we can’t be sure.) That being said, it was sort of fun. Okay, it was pretty fun. And the overalls were the fashion version of fun. But fun is not synonymous with easy, no matter how strongly my brain assumes the opposite.

Next time I want a fun throwback for accessories and activities I rarely do, I think I’ll try sneakers and skateboards. Sounds less fun but more in my wheelhouse.

How else should I style these overalls? I have them, I love them, but I don’t know how to wear them. Tell me in the comments! 

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