Giveaway! Win Dior Addict Lip Glow ($32 value) from Makeup Artist Amy Koehler

Amy Headshot by Sarah Crowder Photography
Photo provided by Amy Koehler | Photo Credit: Sarah Crowder Photography

Meet Amy. She’s a total babe, right? The kind of woman you look at and think ‘Her lips just must be that color naturally, because there’s no way it’s makeup.’ But alas, Amy Koehler is wearing makeup; and while I can’t speak for you, I know that’s not what it looks like when I put on my face. If only someone could explain how it looks so perfect…

Oh wait, she can. Amy is the Dior Beauty Director at Dillard’s for the St. Louis Metro Area and has been doing makeup professionally for 12 years. So if there’s anyone who can make you look as naturally splotch-free and rosy-lipped, it’s her. “Makeup can transform a person from average to extraordinary with a few simple brush strokes,” Amy explains. “It’s essential to maintain a professionally polished look or even to be soft and understated.  It can make you feel special when you’re down.”

With so many options at the beauty counter, it’s easy to get overwhelmed as the products start to blur together. So, what makes Dior different? “Dior is different because Christian Dior believed that he would sacrifice nothing for quality, and we still practice that belief today.  Dior owns seven gardens around the world, in exotic places like Madagascar, where we grow ingredients that are exclusive to Dior.  That way, it ensures the quality of every ingredient, every time.  We are also one of three houses in the world that have their own ‘nose’, which means we create a fragrance starting from plants in our gardens that are all hand-picked, and then it goes through the creation process in the Dior laboratory until it is placed in a hand-blown glass bottle.  You can tell that there is so much love and care in each product.  It’s almost magical to open something from a box for the first time. ”

Wow. My makeup experience is a bit less than magical most days. That sounds delightful, don’t you think? Well one lucky reader will get to experience that magic first-hand, as Amy is offering a giveaway for the cult-favorite Dior Addict Lip Glow, valued at $32.

Dior Lip Glow, image credit to Dior
Photo provided by Amy Koehler | Photo Credit:

“Lip Glow has quickly become one of our top selling items,” says Amy. “It’s the texture and packaging of a lip balm, but it magically changes with the natural moisture in the skin and transforms your lips into the perfect shade of pink for you.  You don’t have to even think about it; you can just wipe it on, even without a mirror. It’s effortless.”

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Suddenly that old tube of lip balm rolling around the bottom of my purse seems sub par, to say the least. Good luck!


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