Beauty Tips from Dior’s Amy Koehler | Giveaway: Win $150+ in Dior Beauty Products!

Remember makeup guru Amy Koehler? In case you’re new to the site, Amy, who has 12 years of professional makeup experience under her beauty tool belt, is the Dior Beauty Director at Dillard’s for the St. Louis Metro Area.

She’s baaaccckkk… and she brought tips and treats!

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Photo provided by Amy Koehler | Photo Credit: Sarah Crowder Photography

Reader Question: What are your all-time favorite can’t-live-without products?

Some of my all time favorite products are…

  • Brow Styler: Diorshow Brow Styler is a brow pencil with powder technology so it gives you the definition of a pencil and the softness of a powder. It only comes in one color, but it works like magic to transform to look like your own hair color.
  • Maximizer: Diorshow Maximizer is a treatment-infused lash primer that instantly doubles the thickness of your lashes, all while treating and nourishing your lashes so that they grow stronger, longer, and fuller while you wear it. It also dries clear, so it’s not hard to cover; additionally, it can be used as a mask on your lashes at night. I apply it to brows after Brow Styler to keep unruly brows at bay. It will help those to grow fuller, as well.
  • Glow products: Dior Addict Lip Glow and Diorskin Rosy Glow are lip balm and blush products that transform your cheeks and lips to a soft, flush color that is unique to your body chemistry. They look beautifully natural and gorgeous on everyone.

What beauty trend do you think readers should try this season? 

Graphic eyeliner is an easy trend that almost anyone can pull off. Also, white eyeliner is big this season; for a more wearable look, just try applying it to the lower waterline.

Glowing skin is easy for anyone to pull off. Prep your skin by using great skincare items, and use a primer like Dior Glow Maximizer mixed into your foundation to boost your radiance.

Blue eye shadow may seem like it’s hard to wear, but by keeping most of the color close to the lash-line, it will be wearable on almost anyone.

Reader Question: Is there a difference (other than the obvious) between clear and colored lip liners?

Clear lip liners usually have a slightly softer texture designed to create a barrier so that glosses don’t travel outside the lip line. They also will not interfere with the color of your lipstick or gloss.

How do you decide what foundation is right for someone? How do you select the type and color?

I start by looking at the foundation shade range and picking three colors that look like they could match. Then, I swatch the three colors on the jawline. I look at the color of the neck, decolletage, and even the inside of the wrist to decide which color matches.

To figure out the correct formula I do a little investigating with the client to determine what they are looking for, such as how much coverage; if they have dry, oily or combination skin; how much SPF they like; and how much time they want to spend applying or reapplying.

What’s your best tip to apply eyeliner close to the lash-line? 

Applying eyeliner can be very simple with a few easy tips. Use a soft, smooth formula to apply so that it doesn’t skip or drag the skin. Also, anchoring your hand and elbow against your face or the vanity will help you to control your hand so that you get a smooth application.

Make sure to sharpen your pencil every time to ensure it will glide easily next to the lash-line. Additionally, try holding your pencil or brush at an angle (like a pencil instead of straight on) to help ensure the product rests closer to the lash-line.

You know Amy brought you makeup junkies some prizes… Enter now!

Dior Beauty

Graphic: Dior Beauty

What can you win? One Dior Addict It-Lash mascara in It-Black ($26 value); one Dior Gel Coat nail polish top coat ($25 value); Diorshow Art Pen eyeliner in Catwalk Black ($30 value); Diorskin Airflash Matte Touch aerosol setting powder ($49 value); a Creme Abricot nail fortifying cream ($25 value); and a miniature Rouge Dior lip color in #644 (bonus item). Total value: more than $150! (Remember, this contest is open only within the U.S.)

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Good luck!


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