Halloween as Sally and the Mayor | Easy DIY Nightmare Before Christmas Costumes

I sense there’s something in the wind…

Like countless others, I’ve loved The Nightmare Before Christmas for as long as I can remember. Only this year did I realize my bottle red hair would be a perfect fit for this costume! Lance and I decided to go as Sally and the Mayor of Halloweentown, and both costumes were incredibly inexpensive and simple to make.

Sally and Mayor of Halloween Town Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Costumes


  • Patterned cotton fabric – assorted colors
  • Elastic
  • Pink/purple dress
  • Black-and-white striped socks
  • Basket
  • Sewing kit
  • Felt – assorted colors
  • Cardboard
  • Craft stick
  • Black pipe cleaners
  • 2 safety pins
  • Puffy paint
  • Tacky Glue
  • Orange ribbon
  • Wood skewer or chopstick
  • Gray shirt
  • Black jacket
  • Black pants


  • Cut patterned fabric for Sally dress into scraps, then stitch back together in a rectangle large enough to wrap around like a skirt. Create a simple fold-over hem on top and string elastic through for a simple skirt. Pull on over dress and, if needed, sew extra scraps to form faux sleeves. Style with black-and-white striped socks and basket purse.
  • For hat, sew black felt tube and attach wood skewer inside for support. Attach to the middle of a felt circle with a few stitches, then glue onto a matching cardboard circle for additional support. Attach a bottom layer of black felt to bottom of hat and add elastic to size to keep hat in place.
  • For tie, form pipe cleaners into legs and wrap base between two small black felt circles. Attach to larger felt body, sew safety pin on back. Glue eyes and accents into place.
  • For ribbon, cut two circles from white felt. Loop strips of orange ribbon, then glue the circles on either side sandwiching the loops. Write MAYOR in puffy paint and let dry, then stitch edges of circles together and attach safety pin.
  • For mask, cut cardboard base and make eye holes. Glue handle on one side. Layer felt on each side to depict the face, using paint where necessary.

Look, I know that’s not my best set of directions. It’s vague at best. I did this entire project freehand, and I think those kind of mistakes make for a more charming, creepy product. Want something precise? Shop my Nightmare Before Christmas picks below.

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