Hi, I Have High Hair Now

Got curls? Want straight hair? Blowouts are a logical solution. But as someone with naturally stick-straight hair, I assumed they — like dryer diffusers and leave-in conditioner — would always stay in the realm of beauty options I’ve heard of but don’t personally use. And then Missouri got its first Dry Bar location.

Launch day at Dry Bar was full of press and social media influencers trying complimentary treatments and I was lucky enough to be on the list. I’m on that no-curls-but-desperately-wants-curls, so I skipped the sleek looks and went for the one farthest from what I can do at home: the height-focused Southern Comfort. And holy hell, did my hair get tall.

You can really see the height from the front. I think I look a little evil in this photo, which must just be a side effect of the tall hair.

So obviously the instant results of a blow out were still noticeable… But do those results stick for the straight haired clients? Yes and no. I had my hair styled on a hot, hot day and it deflated fairly fast.  (You can see the difference about three hours later here.) The curls, however, stayed — albeit loosely — for four days and my roots were practically grease free.

Dare I say, I was blown away (har har) but the results and have been itching for an excuse to get one again. Color me fully onboard for blowouts before long weekends or special events. While the price sounds easier to justify when you’re going for a drastic curls-to-sleek transformation, I couldn’t believe how different the end result was compared to my typical curl at home attempts. The shine! The body! The frankly hilarious height! What is this hair witchcraft and when can I go again?

TL;DR – I thought blowouts would be pointless for straight hair and, like so many things, I was wrong and also late to the party.

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