The Firefighter Family Smart Home: Trying Onelink by First Alert

Thank you Onelink by First Alert for sponsoring this post. A smart home should start with smart protection and Onelink by First Alert welcomes you to a smarter, safer home.

When you’re hyper sentimental like I am, finding a way to keep your home and belongings protected from accidental damage is key – and when I was younger, it was the fear of losing belongings that made me so concerned about home fire safety. Now, as the wife of a firefighter, my concern is the health and happiness of my family.

Lance does a good job shielding me from the scary parts of his job, but his role in the community has served as an critical reminder of the importance of home fire safety. To help protect us and our pets from the horrors of this type of emergency, we decided to upgrade our system with the Onelink by First Alert Smart Protection Kits, which includes the two smart alarms: the Onelink Smart Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm and Onelink Safe & Sound.

These alarms connect to each other and offer voice alerts in addition to traditional alarm sounds, which means smoke in our living room while we’re asleep would wake us up in the bedroom in the night. What really sold me was the smart connectivity feature, as if either alarm goes off you’re also alerted on your phone. Family safety is obviously number one on my list, but assuming no one is home wouldn’t it be great to know about an issue early? Why put so much work into the house if I don’t protect it to the best of my abilities?

We went with the Onelink Safe & Sound dual smoke and CO alarm on our main floor and the Onelink Smart Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm in our upstairs hallway. The main difference between the two is the hardwired Onelink Safe & Sound extra smart home features – notably, a color-changing night light and an Alexa-enable speaker! (And no, you don’t have to buy a separate Alexa and this can pair with it. Alexa is already inside! Rad!)

The Onelink Smart Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm connects to the other alarm but is available in both hardwired and battery-powered options. Both can connect to the app for alerts and, one of my favorite surprise features, test without having to grab the ladder. (Although if you had to, the button is so large you could easily hit it with a broom handle.) I put this bad boy away after installation and don’t feel like digging it back out to check the batteries!

…Because Yogurt loves the ladder. And then he demands attention. And then, as you see in that one blooper, the dogs demand attention. It’s a whole adorable cycle (that actually serves as a great reminder of why I want to keep the house safe!)

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Look, I know you’re reading this thinking your home is safe. I get it. But even as a firefighter family I was shocked to discover our smoke detectors were out of date. By quite a while! Thankfully, Lance checked the batteries last and noticed – I completely forgot the machines must be replaced every decade. It might be time to upgrade sooner than you think. And when you do, you might feel better with a higher level of smart home coverage. I know I do.

Thank you for supporting the brands that make Oh, Julia Ann possible. As always, all opinions are my own.

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