Last-Minute Stocking Stuffers: 5 Things I Always Want

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You’re out of time and that stocking doesn’t look full. Need last-minute stocking stuffer ideas? Here are 5 items I always love receiving around the holidays.


My favorite time of year is winter, and one of the major pros is beanie season. As soon as it feels remotely logical to start wearing one (ahem, not August but I’m wanting one by August) I am putting a beanie on and keeping it there until summer. Opt for something with a pop of color and heavy knit design, like this adidas by Stella McCartney Beanie in Unity Orange.

Lip Balm

Honestly, get them four: one for the car, one for the desk, one for the bag, and one for the nightstand. And then explain that logic when they open their stocking or else it might seem a little odd that you’re providing so many.

Stylish Socks

Raise your hand if you’re a millennial experiencing sock confusion. Apparently the new trend is being able to see the sock (and by new I mean it changed a while ago and I’m late to the party) so my bestie turned me on to the adidas Trefoil Quarter Socks. I’ve got to be honest: I was skeptical, but now I’m hooked. Peeking out from the top of an ankle boot or worn with women’s sneakers, these socks are perfect. And comfortable. And apparently very on trend.

Nail and Cuticle Oil

There’s something about a normal hygiene item in oil form that feels more luxurious! Hand cream is great, but throwing in a nail oil takes their battle against winter wind (and dry hands from hand washing) to the next level.

Hair Elastics

But specifically the nice ones! If they have hair long enough to go into a ponytail I can guarantee they’re missing elastics. Opt for something snag proof, ideally in a cute package to seem less drugstore. Even if that’s exactly where you found it.

Who says the holiday season can’t be practical too? Merry everything and happy shopping.

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