WFH Outfits: Winter Edition

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I graduated college in December 2012 and started working my first post-grad job as a feature writer for a magazine in February 2013. I switched to a tech company in March 2015 and was caught in a large layoff wave in June 2017. And now, with 2024 on the near horizon, I realize I’ve spent more time working from home than I ever did in an office.

Sure, the amount of us in the WFH workforce has grown over the last few years, but there are a few things that I feel particularly experienced in with this topic. And one of them is what to wear. I’ve broken down this idea before, focusing on the comforts of short jumpsuits and women’s sneakers, but what about the winter? How do you stay comfortable, yet productive, when the weather outside is frightful?

Three words: elevated athletic pants.

The key is finding something you COULD have slept in, but didn’t – or else, and trust me here, you’ll just go back to sleep – while looking put together enough to leave the house. You should be able to go straight from your laptop to a coffee shop without changing or feeling disheveled. And that’s really where athleisure shines.

My favorite pair this time of year are my Essentials Fleece Joggers from adidas with matching Adicolor Essentials Crew Sweatshirt. I have an older set in a medium brown tone that has worn and washed like a dream – so much so, I just ordered a second set in the current color, Earth Strata. 

Shop the rest of my current wishlist for more winter ready WFH items. 

Thank you for sponsoring this post, adidas.

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