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You know how exciting ‘happy’ mail is? Mail that isn’t asking you to pay something, or reminding you that you didn’t pay something, or asking you to join some sort of group? An unexpected box of cosmetic goodies is really, really happy mail—especially when they are (miraculously) colors you’d actually wear.

Through the Influenster program, Mary Kay sent me a box of spring products to try. I’ve never thought that over-the-top eye makeup looked good on me, so I stick to eye brightening peeper looks and fun-colored lips…  And regardless of the weather, I normally create said look using fall colors, because they’re incredibly simple to pair with fair skin. As a fashion-lover, I know that’s a lazy excuse; but alas, the only way to get me to try new things is apparently to ship it to my doorstep. Today I bring you my newly-improved everyday look, finally created with seasonally-appropriate hues.



1 – Mary Kay Eye Creme Color/Concealer Brush |  2 – Mary Kay Creme Eye Color in ‘Apricot Twist’ | 3 – Mary Kay NouriShine Plus Lip Gloss in ‘Mango Tango’ | 4 – Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Color in ‘Shy Blush’ | 5 – Mary Kay Gel Eyeliner with Expandable Brush Applicator | 6 – Mary Kay Bronzing Powder in ‘Light/Medium’ | 7 – Mary Kay Translucent Loose Powder  | 8 – Mary Kay Cheek Brush | 9 – Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara in ‘I ♥ Black’

After applying any necessary foundation, concealer, and brow powder, pull the outer corner of your eyelid toward your ear and smudge the gel eyeliner (5) into your lash line. Top with two coats of mascara (9). While these products dry, apply a light dusting of bronzing powder (6, 8) around the outside of your face—next to your hairline and down your jaw line, as if you’re drawing a big circle—and on your cheekbones. Tap the excess powder off the cheek brush (8) and use it to apply blush (4) to the apples of your cheeks. Take a creme eye color brush (1) and apply a nearly-skin-toned creme eye color (2) on the inside-half of each eyelid. Use the other side of the same brush (1) to apply bronzing powder (6) to the outside-corner of each eyelid. Apply translucent powder (7, 8) all over your face. Finish the look with two coats of orange-red lip gloss (3).


While I really enjoy all of these products, there are two standouts I think you should all try: the creme eye color and the translucent powder. After hours of errand-running in the heat, this eye shadow stayed smudge-free and in-place. And the translucent powder? It keeps shine at bay for hours; and, when applied mid-day, really refreshes your whole look.

What are your warm weather favorites? 

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Hey, you! These products were sent to me for free through Influenster, but these opinions are entirely my own.

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