The Carefree Kimono

This heat-and-humidity combo ruins so many things: lipstick, chocolate, hairstyles, patio dining, outdoor attractions…St. Louis summers (and late springs) are sweltering and sticky, and it’s killing all of my favorite outfits.

The thing I miss most when the weather warms up is layering. (And boots, but you know that already.) There’s no need for me to reiterate my love for mixing patterns and textures through layering, and you can guess why that style does not work in 80- or 90-degree temps and 70-plus-percent humidity. Serious bummer, I know. Thankfully, Pitaya in the Delmar Loop introduced me to the sheer kimono jacket.

Pitaya - Floral Kimono - (3)

Pitaya - Floral Kimono - (2)

Pitaya - Floral Kimono - (4)

Pitaya - Floral Kimono - (5)

Pitaya - Floral Kimono - (1)

Pitaya - Floral Kimono - (8)

Currently Wearing… Kimono, c/o Pitaya [SIMILAR] | Dress, H&M [SIMILAR] | Boots, Steve Madden, Famous Footwear, c/o Brown Shoe Company [SIMILAR] | Tights, c/o Pitaya [SIMILAR] | Necklace, c/o Pitaya [SIMILAR] | Earrings, vintage | Bag, vintage | Sunglasses, Quay, Nordstrom Rack [SIMILAR]

Here’s the thing: These kimono jackets are the easiest accessory of the season. (I refuse to really call it attire, because it’s as warm as wearing a necklace.) The more it slips off your shoulder, the better it looks. It works just as well with structured dresses as it does cut-off shorts. And if a cool summer breeze blows your way, it adds 10+ chic points to the ensemble. Just try to keep your hair out of your lip gloss.


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