Metallic Arm Party | 3 DIY Mixed-Metals Bracelets You Can Make In 15 Minutes

Oh boy, if you thought I did a lot of jewelry tutorials before, just wait. We were without electricity for about 15 hours yesterday, and I spent much of the air conditioning-less period crafting to keep from going crazy. Now that I have enough light to snap a photo, it’s time to start sharing the tutorials! Up first: three DIY mixed-metals stretch beaded bracelets perfect for creating your own metallic arm party.

They’re a touch edgy, a tad tough, and all incredibly easy to make. In my opinion, they all work because they balance two things: statement and shine. Each features only one statement bead style and each features near-matching levels of shine. What does that mean? The top bracelet has glass gold bead between the ultra-shiny cones, while the middle has dull plastic beads between the aged-looking bars. Balanced shine makes for a cohesive finished product.

Keep scrolling to see each DIY beaded bracelet up close and find out what you’ll need to make them.

Silver Cone Stud + Gold Seed Bead Bracelet


  • Silver cone two-hole beads [SIMILAR]
  • Gold glass seed beads
  • Stretch cord

Brass Bar + Silver Seed Bead Bracelet


  • Brass rectangle two-hold spacer beads [HERE]
  • Silver plastic/metal seed beads
  • Stretch cord

Silver Hexagon + Gold Chevon Bead Bracelet


  • Silver hexagon two-hole beads [HERE]
  • Gold chevron two-hold beads [SIMILAR]
  • Gold spacer beads
  • Clear glass seed beads
  • Stretch cord

Does that last one look familiar? I already posted about the design… but I tied the clasp on wrong and broke it pretty quickly. Instead of restringing it on fishing line, I went for stretch cord. It’s just easier to wear… but also easy to screw up the knot. Don’t forget to tie your stretch cord correctly! Need a refresher? Here’s a great tutorial. Learn from my (time washing) mistakes!

Like mixing metals? Me too. Try making the DIY mixed metals steampunk necklace next!


  1. August 1, 2018 / 3:51 am

    This bracelet making DIY tutorial is so awesome. Gonna try this out.

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