Office Inspiration [PS: Big news!]

Long time, no blog, I know. Things have been crazy, and I’m just starting to redefine my normal routine and adjust to the (awesome) new changes. I’ve been hired on as a full-time features reporter for an area publication, so baby, I now work nine to five. 

[Enter oooohs and aaaaahhs, general adulthood shock.]

This means a lot of things, the first of which is that feature writing has always been my dream job, so I am incredibly lucky/thankful/the whole nine yards. This also means I needed to increase and improve my wardrobe (more on that later… Oh, the shopping!) And finally, this gives me a new opportunity to focus on productivity, organization, efficiency and all-things office. It’s been great digging through the unused desk organizers and finding a sweet clearance’d desk calendar for my working area, but after a day at a professional, comfortable, expansive work space, my home desk feels sort of… Crowded. Hence the dream at-home apartment office space for two.

Mid Century-Inspired Office
A dining room table seems like it could be a great option down the line for a two-person desk, and a file cabinet on wheels could act as a logical divider. Lots of light, colorful accessories… And did you see those chairs?! What beauties. And here I’ve been thinking all wheeling office chairs would be awful when paired with the rest of our furniture.
But, alas, until we find a bigger apartment (which we don’t need yet) or make some more room (the desktop on this desk doesn’t work anymore, so why in the hell is it here?!) we’ll be sticking to the current set-up. It’s good to dream thought, right?
It’s 9:50 p.m. and I’m going to sleep because my name is Julia and I have to go to work in the morning. [EEEEEEEK! PINCH ME!]

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