New job, new way of dressing

I refuse to become a khakis-and-polo kind of gal, because that just isn’t who I am. Before starting this job I went through my entire wardrobe– and did a little shopping– to find pieces that are workplace-friendly while still feeling like me.

While I’m still new to the style, I think I’m starting to find the dressier, classier style that still makes me feel like my best Julia, and getting ready for the workplace is becoming easier.

By wearing patterns, shapes and colors I already enjoy in fabrics of higher quality and pairing them with office basics, I feel great at my desk, on my lunch and after work. I like stripes. I like retro-inspired looks. I like mixed metals and  color pops and boots. Why not wear those to work?

Note: I am LOVING this new job. I still can’t believe I was hired as a feature writer right out of college… Somebody pinch me.

Pleats + Stripes
Tomorrow is my first casual Friday, and I have a great new sweater (inexpensive TJ Maxx find… Under $20!) to wear with a sleeveless, collared blouse in gray and yellow, jeans and boots. Of course, I’ll be in snowboots for the first part of the day, as St. Louis is mid-snowpocalypse, but stacked heel, semi-distressed suede beauties after. Le sigh. So many great outfits, so many places to wear them now. Finally. After years of watching people stumble around campuses in pajamas and flip flops with socks in winter, I have a reason to define my style and take it up a level. What more could I want?


  1. February 22, 2013 / 12:12 am

    This is a seriously beautiful outfit! Congratulations on your new position. I’ve recently just graduated as well and have entered the big, scary real world. I work as an accountant so although I probably don’t have as much style freedom as you (lucky girl) at the office, I love wearing pieces that are not only professional but also let my personality shine through. Thanks for the inspiration! x


    • February 22, 2013 / 6:46 pm

      Thank you! What a thoughtful comment. I did really luck out with a fashion-forward job… they even let me keep the nose ring! However, I tear up when I look at my tax forms in confusion and spent an hour last week asking my banker about various things I probably should have learned in 9th grade consumer’s ed. Every job has a perk, and if yours isn’t fashion it’s probably that you’re one of like five people ever who understand that stuff. 😉

      It’s such an odd limbo being right out of college and working. When I get home I feel like I need to be doing homework still! Ha!

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