Perfecting the Powder Room with Gordmans

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I’ve never been thrilled with our powder room. When we bought a century home in 2015—our house is about 110 years old, actually, but that’s beside the point—we were simply happy to find one that had more than one bathroom at all. Older homes tend to be smaller with fewer amenities like attached bathrooms or walk-in closets, and I was determined to find a house with all that vintage charm I love.

Our home (which someone remodeled at some point but thankfully left the archways we so love) somehow came with one massive closet, one full bathroom, and one powder room. Sure, there’s no linen closet or coat closet, but that’s easy enough to work around. One of the issues I couldn’t quite get over? Since we bought the house, this powder room has been a bit of a pain.

While I’d love to eventually replace the always-dirty-looking floor or the slightly-damaged pedestal sink, anything to add a little more storage and design would be a sufficient upgrade. That’s why I was so excited when Gordmans asked if I’d like to collaborate on a home organization feature. Design-focused storage? Count me in! Scroll down to see the updated space…

The space was practically empty before this update. I swapped our builder-grade mirror for this vintage faux rattan option I’ve been holding on to for years, then added a myriad of design and storage pieces from Gordmans.

When we went shopping, I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted. (Which meant walking the expansive home section three times while I decided. Thanks for your patience, Lance.) I decided I’d find industrial-meets-boho pieces in varying shades of metal and wood. Since Gordmans has such a huge supply of discounted designer goods, I filled up two carts before narrowing it down to what I needed. Oops!

I’ve always wished this bathroom had a place to hold extra toilet paper, and this less-than-$10 tall metal vessel was the perfect solution. Next to it, I put a metal crate for magazines with a metal box inside to store feminine products. Hanging from the doorknob is a new $10 laundry bag, which can stand on its own as a hamper when full; I wouldn’t normally block a door like that, but this actually leads to our basement which is exclusively storage and laundry, so this bag has to be remembered before you go downstairs anyway. Above the commode is a $12 clearance acacia wood frame and a $30 galvanized shelf, perfect for holding small storage and a few design elements. To hide things like medicine and cotton balls, I grabbed this charcoal canvas storage bin and put it next to a cheeky customizable letter board. And the orange C? It’s the new home of an item I picked up during a previous Gordmans collaboration! I bought it to go with this spring entryway redo, but it didn’t work where I’d planned and always floated around the house. Happy it found a new spot!

This entire project cost less than $150, and the updated space has fixed nearly all of the concerns that made me consider a larger remodel. While I was at Gordmans, I also spotted new dining table head chairs I almost bought, patio decor perfect for spring, and gallery frames I’d love to use in our hallway. Which space should I work on next?

Thank you for sponsoring this post, Specialty Retailers, Inc.

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