Dusty Colors

Amethyst. Burnt orange. Olive. Mustard. My favorite colors to wear are the ones a few degrees off from the bright and bold. Unlike neons and pastels, these hues are season-less (and actually flatter my skin tone without making my hair color look absolutely insane.)

Oh, and I forgot the bets part. Almost every dusty color goes with every other dusty color. Easy dressing for the win.

Lance got me this fantastic Madewell button up for Christmas, and I love its oversized look. (I prefer tops like this to be one or two sizes too big for that drapey look.) It looks great with the black tights and boots but would also pair perfectly with some brown accessories, like this DIY faux leather statement necklace I made a while back—which, I was excited to find out today, was recently spotlighted by DIY Idea Center!

I’m currently packing for my upcoming Disney trip, and I’m pretty certain this shirt is a must-bring item. (Unless… it might be too thick… Hmmm…) I honestly can’t think of much else to say about this outfit, which I keep wearing on repeat, because my brain is already on tomorrow’s flight to Florida. Consider my mind on vacation, and stay tuned for some warm-weather spring break posts coming soon!

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