Rejoice! Jonathan Adler’s Happy Chic line is readily available, affordable, awesome

I love cookies. I love cookies. Sweets in general, really, but cookies are scrumptious. It’s a gnarly vice, but I love treats and I see no shame in it– room for self-control improvements, yes, but an honest, human love for those flat, round baked wonders which I will undoubtedly adore at this rate forever. Cookies and I are bffs, and I am a loyal companion.

Presently, I am elbow-deep (cough, 2, I haven’t been awful) in a box of generic Lofthouse cookies. You know, those sugar cookies with the thick, soft frosting in bright colors with sprinkles. These babies are Easter-like, I guess, and they were clearance’d out at Target with the other holiday items, despite their lengthy shelf-life. Yay, me. They’re one of my favorites, especially of the packaged, easily-accessible, store-bought variety, and their appearance most certainly works in their delicious favor.

The bright colors? The cheeky sprinkles? The graphic shape of the frosting and cookie? They reminded me of a certain designer I love, who just so happens to finally be within my price range– a line of Jonathan Adler’s home goods is now available at JCPenney and you should be as happy as I am. Happy Chic is a cheeky as his normal products at a price-point closer to Penney’s standards. Below, I’ve collected a few of my favorite home looks.

Jonathan Adler Happy Chic | Bedroom
Jonathan Adler Happy Chic | Living Room

Tonight, I’ll be dreaming about mid-century modern mixed with carnival-cookie-chic; these colors are bright and muted, which makes them seasonless and just retro enough. How, oh how, can I talk myself out of buying it all?

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