Best in Beauty: Finds from Saks, Alex & Co., CARGO, Blissoma and more

Nails Inc. Nail Polish
STLFW Gift, Saks Fifth Avenue

Nails Inc nails
Nails Inc. | Rad and radder | Photo via Instagram

This polish went on thick, like an ultra-glossy paint, and stayed chip-free longer than my typical polish options. As a writer, I type… a lot… a whole lot, and it ruins my manicures. Nails Inc. stayed in place an entire work week, which is unusual– and a great surprise. I paired the grey shade (did I mention grey is my favorite color to wear?) with an accent nail from a recent Victoria’s Secret freebie and it created a nice intro-to-spring look.

Nails Inc. rhinestone-encrusted polishes | Stop being distracted by the shininess and paint your damn nails!


And did you see the bottles? C’mon, now. When’s the last time something rhinestone encrusted actually worked?

Diorshow Mascara by Dior
STLFW Gift, Saks Fifth Avenue

Diorshow + Beauty Bag | Making my outfit jealous of my beauty bag

I recently stopped wearing mascara to work because there is construction in my office and I felt it was sticking dust to my eyelids. One day this week, I decided to give it another try, completely ready to leave work with itchy eyes yet again. The Dior mascara dried to be a literal extension of my eyelashes, sticky reside need not apply. By the end of the day, there wasn’t even a smudge or a smear under my eyes. Did I just convert to make-up counter beauty items? Who saw that coming?

Craft Beer Soap
STLFW Gift, Alex & Co.

Craft Beer Soap | For your lush-hands

I like beer. I like nice soaps. Need I say more? This bar, which comes in an adorable tin, doesn’t smell like ‘beer’, in case you’re concerned… it smells like this perfectly unique twist on citrus with a lasting fragrance and a great amount of suds. Unlike most bars, it isn’t melting into some soap puddle when not in use, which deeply confuses me as I thought that’s why I didn’t like bar soap. Alex & Co. gifted a bar to each blogger during STLFW– which is fitting, because STL is pretty much built on beer– and, while I can’t speak for them, every friend I’ve mentioned it to has been incredibly jealous.  Can you imagine how great of a gift this would be for a beer lover?

Free Rejuvenating Herbal Gel Cleanser & Makeup Remover
STLFW Gift, Blissoma

Photo via Blissoma
Rejuvenating Herbal Gel Cleanser | Suds up | Photo via Blissoma

For my daily skincare routine, I use Proactiv products and have for almost 10 years. My only problem is that it doesn’t lather. Enter the Blissoma cleanser.  This feels soft on the face; it’s the liquid version of velvet and it takes your make-up off. It’s my once-a-week indulgence to clean pores and treat my skin (and my nostrils, as it has a pure, clean scent that is just there enough to notice without offending or irritating fussy complexions like mine.)

CARGO CheekActivator

CARGO CheekActivator | Because your cheeks are sad

Oh. My. Sweet. God. I can’t even… This stuff… Wow. It’s a liquid blush that keeps your cheeks looking plump and pinched all day long. Requiring only a pinhead amount per cheek, this stuff is potent in tint but still looks natural if too much has been applied– just make sure you apply in round strokes moving along your cheek.

CARGO CheekActivator | Magic tricks for your face

An added bonus? It’s like a morning magic show every day, as it starts white-ish and turns to the perfect shade on your skin. Who doesn’t want magical makeup?

What am I missing? Have you found anything great recently?

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