A Spring Outfit and a Rant About Hating Spring

I bitch a lot about hot weather because… well, I just bitch a lot. (Half) Kidding. Each of spring and summer’s perks brings along two or more annoyances – it’s a fact.* Pretty outdoor scenery like flowers brings allergies and bugs. Festive outfits come with boob sweat and tops that require strapless bras. Fun outdoor activities bring sunburns and potentially awkward social … Keep reading…

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Floral Kimono Styled Five Ways

Is there anything a sheer floral kimono doesn’t go with? Apparently not, as it seems to be one of the most worn apparel items on my blog. With steamy summer weather ahead, add light layers and visual interest without overheating by throwing on a translucent topper. Check out five ways I have styled my black-and-blush floral kimono below. Floral Kimono + Dressy … Keep reading…

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Lace + Floral + Fringe

Working for a tech company has me in a jeans-and-pullover rut. On one hand, a casual office is the greatest; instead of ironing fancy dresses in the morning, I can do yoga. (Or, more realistically, fight the alarm clock. But sometimes I do yoga! Honest!) On the other hand, I’ve gotten so comfortable I pretty much wear the same five outfits every week. … Keep reading…

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Ice Cream > Bills

The ice cream man took all my money, but we’ll get to that. First this. True story: It’s scientifically too hot to unpack right now, so I grabbed a pair of scissors and turned my old jeans into cut-offs because I can’t find my shorts. It was alright to unpack at 80-something, but 90 degrees is the limit. The only thing you’re … Keep reading…

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