A Spring Outfit and a Rant About Hating Spring

I bitch a lot about hot weather because… well, I just bitch a lot.

(Half) Kidding.

Each of spring and summer’s perks brings along two or more annoyances – it’s a fact.* Pretty outdoor scenery like flowers brings allergies and bugs. Festive outfits come with boob sweat and tops that require strapless bras. Fun outdoor activities bring sunburns and potentially awkward social situations and finding out your friends aren’t as afraid of foodborne illness as you are when they keep cold salads in the sun at their shitty BBQs. (Too specific?)

*Potentially not a fact.

But there is one part of warm weather I do quite enjoy: distressed, loose, denim shorts. Those don’t suck. Those look cute. I can’t talk shit about those.

Currently wearing… Good Vibrations Printed Cocoon Kimono, Free People [HERE birthday gift from my BFF!] | Shorts c/o hazel2blue [SEEN HERE] | Booties c/o Diba True [SEEN HERE]

Burnt fall-ish colors and super dark accents tone down the spring vibe I try to avoid. Maybe it’s my cold, dark soul (I worked at Hot Topic for years, and much like random customers would suggest, we did tarnish our souls the minute we picked up a lanyard… who knew!) but those mega brights leave me running. Mustard, on the other hand, accentuates my pale-ness in the prettiest way. And it is a color, so I’m not just dragging greys and taupes into April and calling myself summer ready. I’M TRYING TO BE POSITIVE, OKAY?

For real though, is it autumn again? Please?

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