“Because I love cats, but hate people.”

Weird story: I recently picked up a curling iron by the hot part and turned my hand into a calloused, nonfunctional lobster claw. Brilliant. It should come as little surprise I have only wanted to leave the house for coffee. Thankfully, my best friend Sara got me a gift that explains how much I love cats and how little I love being social. … Keep reading…

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Poncho Party

Saturday we hosted a sit-down dinner for a dozen people. Sunday, for understandable reasons, I just wanted to be comfortable. But we needed to leave the house. The struggle. Thankfully, after Thanksgiving I picked up a sale poncho because I care more about coziness than sex appeal at this point. This time of year I’d like to be physically wrapped in bread … Keep reading…

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Wedding Wednesday | How to Re-Wear Your Wedding Shoes

Wedding planning is an emotional roller coaster. Sometimes, when I’m working on the centerpieces or finalizing the guest list, the staggering cost of a wedding stops me dead in my tracks. Ya know how occasionally you’ll randomly remember something embarrassing or stupid and it’s horrific all over again for no reason? It’s like that, except it includes the added fun of knowing how … Keep reading…

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Blue Gingham + Statement Jewelry

Wearing blue gingham in October is a dangerous game — after all, it’s a bit too cold for picnics and close enough to Halloween to be mistaken for Dorothy. But one cannot argue with the dates an infamously-expensive mall store offers an extra percent off the lowest-marked price, so if gingham comes in October, then, damn it, gingham will be worn in … Keep reading…

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