Stellar Cities and Swear Words

My husband isn’t great with gifts. If you give him a gift, he truly appreciates it — and then over-analyzes how to say ‘thank you’ enough and worries his gift, if there is one, in return is insufficient, and all around wishes other people would just give gifts and he could crack jokes in the background. His birthday was about a week ago, and … Keep reading…

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In Pizza We Trust | Two Ways to Wear a Graphic Tee

When you see a super soft ‘In Pizza We Trust’ shirt in your size for less than $10, you buy it. Or you are forced to give up your honorary Cool Club membership card. They’ll straight up revoke it. Say hello to a life in the So-So Society. I, for one, am not ready to be kicked out. But I was worried … Keep reading…

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T-Shirts & Better Temps

It’s sunny and warm and I’m confused. It isn’t shorts-weather, for me anyway, but the parka is definitely on hold for the time being. I wasn’t anticipating it to heat up so quickly, so my closet is still full of sweaters and sweatshirts and sweater-leggings. Not exactly what I need. After a little digging, I found this Lower Class Brats shirt my … Keep reading…

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Getting Ready for Super Bowl Sunday | Tutorial: Easy, DIY Football Pennant Banner

In case you live under a rock, let me fill you in: The Denver Broncos are kicking ass and taking names this year, and they just landed a spot at the Super Bowl. Since they’re my favorite team, and we have this rad television set-up that begs for sports, Lance and I called dibs on hosting the Super Bowl party in our … Keep reading…

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