T-Shirts & Better Temps

It’s sunny and warm and I’m confused. It isn’t shorts-weather, for me anyway, but the parka is definitely on hold for the time being. I wasn’t anticipating it to heat up so quickly, so my closet is still full of sweaters and sweatshirts and sweater-leggings. Not exactly what I need.

After a little digging, I found this Lower Class Brats shirt my old friend Dylan bequeathed me — along with a garbage bag ‘o band swag — when he joined the service. Funny enough, I think the last time I saw the Brats was the day after I met Lance; he was there, too, but he disappeared before I had spent enough time not saying anything to actually go say anything. #girllogic

Anyway, back to the shirt. Siiigghhh. So. Comfortable. Life’s most under-rated pleasure is, arguably, a washed-a-million-times T-shirt, followed by the first warm day of the year.

tee - jeans - leopard boots - layers (1)

tee - jeans - leopard boots - layers (6)

tee - jeans - leopard boots - layers (3)

tee - jeans - leopard boots - layers (7)

tee - jeans - leopard boots - layers (5)

tee - jeans - leopard boots - layers (2)

Currently wearing… T-shirt, hand-me-down | Jacket, JCP [SIMILAR] | Shirt, Express [SIMILAR] | Jeans, AE [HERE] | Booties, c/o Naturalizer [HERE] | Bag, c/o Anthropologie [HERE] | Necklace, c/o Pitaya [SIMILAR] | Bangle and belt, vintage

For shits and giggles, I managed to find an old-ish photo of said shirt, circa 2008. There’s no face in it, because… MySpace. That explains it, no?


Ah, 18-year-old Julia — how you loved those teeny little frayed skirts. That skirt, much adored and worn to bits over the course of five or six years, is under my bed in a box of clothing I’m sentimentally keeping. Top to bottom, the skirt is probably seven inches; it started longer, and grew shorter as I grew braver. IT’S LITERALLY A BELT YOU CRAZY PERSON. WASN’T YOUR ASS COLD ALL THE TIME??

Sorry, off-topic self-rant. Where were we? Oh yeah, nice weather.

So far, we’ve spent our warm weekend sitting outside sipping iced lattes, eating lunch at the Peacock Loop Diner, and grabbing some groceries at United Provisions. [Both are very rad if you haven’t had the chance to visit.] I’m making homemade soup for dinner tonight; soup weather appears to be gone, but I want pasta e fagioli one more time before spring. It’ll be time for pedicures and air conditioning before we know it.

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  1. Stefan
    March 14, 2015 / 8:59 am

    Very nice belt look so stylish and confident. Hope that you se the size of the belt as standard and not as a “male thing” A belt should be large.

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