Getting Ready for Super Bowl Sunday | Tutorial: Easy, DIY Football Pennant Banner

In case you live under a rock, let me fill you in: The Denver Broncos are kicking ass and taking names this year, and they just landed a spot at the Super Bowl. Since they’re my favorite team, and we have this rad television set-up that begs for sports, Lance and I called dibs on hosting the Super Bowl party in our group—c’mon, I really love hosting parties and OMG THE BRONCOS ARE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL?! It’s going to be an exciting day.

Like all parties, I’m dorking out over this one. We need the food, the decor, the entertainment… The game is obviously the entertainment, but since Style Me Pretty was thoughtful enough to make a free downloadable-and-printable Super Bowl Commercial Bingo card I’ve decided to incorporate that, too. Yes, I must say, I am quite excited…


Are you not? If you still need to get in the Super Bowl mood, I have three ideas for you…

Option One: Dress the part. For ladies football tops, these are pretty damn adorable. (The retro Bronco obviously being cuter than the ugly Seahawk, but I digress.)

Super Bowl XLVIII

Option Two: Drink. And eat. And drink some more. It’s a tradition! After all, what are professional sporting events without snacks and alcohol? (Boring. The answer is boring.)

Looking for snacks? I’ll be serving, among other things, my Bite-Sized Baked Tacos. They’re easy, they’re inexpensive, and they are so, so tasty. Oh, and they pair well with beer, so that’s another win for a Super Bowl party.

Option Three: Use any leftover Christmas cheer and decorate. Did I bring glitter to the Super Bowl? Yes I did. But as Lance so kindly put it, I ought to enjoy things that make me happy in whatever way makes me happiest. AND THAT WAY INVOLVES GLITTER AND FELT SO SHUT UP.


Alright football fans, this DIY project is fast, affordable and simple—the only lengthy party is letting the puffy paint dry.

To make the Easy DIY Football Pennant Banner, you’ll need…

  • Brown felt, 3 sheets (Approx. 33 cents/sheet)
  • Green ribbon (This was a post-holiday clearance find, but you could probably find some for about $1)
  • Straight pins, a needle and thread
  • A marker
  • Puffy or three-dimensional fabric paint (Approx. $1.50)
  • Scissors
  • A pennant template

Note: To get my pennant template, I tore the back off a magazine and cut it in half. Then, I folded that piece in half and cut it all the way across at an angle. Boom. Pennant. 


Trace your template onto your felt. I was able to get three pennants per piece of felt. Cut out the triangles and paint football laces down the middle of the pennant. Let dry for at least four hours.


Cut your ribbon as long as you want it to be, then add a few inches to make loops to hang it by. Sew the loops closed, then position your pennants on the ribbon and pin in place.


Sew the pennants to the ribbon and enjoy your bitchin’ new banner! I think it’ll be a nice touch at Sunday’s Super Bowl party.



In case you’re still looking for more affordable party decor, the paper straws and napkins were found in Michael’s dollar section, where few things seem to really be a dollar but everything is cheap. There were also football bags, pens, plates, bandages… If you think you’re party will get out of hand, perhaps you should invest in all of the above?

Oh, and in case you can’t tell, we’re rooting for Denver. LET’S GO BRONCOS!


Need more fun ways to show your love for football? Shop the items below!


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