Valentine’s Day | Be still, my beating heart — the margaritas will arrive soon

Ah, Valentine’s Day. A day for fine wine and decedent chocolate and love notes — or cheap margaritas and television and people-watching awkward drunk couples at bars, whatever works. For our first Valentine’s Day together, I mailed Lance a box of Spanish Conversation Hearts. On our second Valentine’s Day, Lance mailed me a bulk-sized bag of miniature heart-covered rubber ducks, and I … Keep reading…

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(More) Cat-Approved Fashion

I have arguably the world’s neediest cat. As I type, Yogurt sits in my lap, breathing fish-breath on my face and trying to tap his nose on my nose. It’s really, really cute… Not the easiest way to type, but really cute. It’s amazing how 13 pounds of furball can derail a blog post. Instead of discussing Tales of Great Sales or … Keep reading…

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Seeing Green

I’ve had green beer once in my life. I was visiting Lance when I turned 21, and two days later was St. Patrick’s Day. I was staying right outside the military base he was stationed at—which, in case you’ve never seen one, is a sight in itself; barber shops and strip clubs as far as the eye can see—so on St. Patty’s … Keep reading…

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Hold on to your hat!

What peculiar weather we’re having… One day, we’re in the middle of a god-awful polar vortex, and practically the next it is 50-some degrees and breezy. Thanks for your always logical weather patterns, Midwest; I’m glad to know you’re consistently inconsistent. On the plus side, January temperatures like this create the perfect time to wear non-warming cold-weather hats, such as the felt … Keep reading…

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