(More) Cat-Approved Fashion

I have arguably the world’s neediest cat. As I type, Yogurt sits in my lap, breathing fish-breath on my face and trying to tap his nose on my nose. It’s really, really cute… Not the easiest way to type, but really cute.

It’s amazing how 13 pounds of furball can derail a blog post. Instead of discussing Tales of Great Sales or budget-friendly beauty products, today’s post is about cats. Obviously.

image wpid-img_20140726_140228.jpg
image image
image image

(More) Fashion Approved By My Cat
Meow meow meow? Meow… Umbrella | Purse | Pullover | Scarf | Dress | Coin Purse | Blouse | Makeup Bag | Earrings | Necklace | Skirt | Shoes

And don’t forget the lint roller. Nothing is worse than cat hair on your cat dress.

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