Wedding Wednesday: 10 Things to Discuss with your Wedding Photographer Before the Big Day

It’s 2016, which means our wedding is just around the corner. Holy matrimony — I still have a lot to do! One thing left on our list is having a good, long chat with our photographer. The photos are one of the most important parts of the day, so chatting with our expert is vital. You’ve already met our photographer, Lillian Peters … Keep reading…

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Wedding Wednesday: Things to Consider Before Booking Your Photo Booth

Like the bouquet toss and the Chicken Dance, the photo booth has become a mainstay of modern wedding receptions. But anyone who has tried multiple photo booths knows they are not all created equally. When my mother and I went to the bridal expo, we tried each photo booth we saw… and were shockingly disappointed with all the results but one. Can … Keep reading…

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Wedding Wednesday: 10 Things to Stop Saying to Brides-To-Be

People say all kinds of nice things to you when you’re engaged. “Congratulations!” “Good for you!” “You’ll make a lovely bride!” You get the idea. But in case you’re not engaged or married, here’s some weird news you might not have expected: People also say some really rude shit about your wedding while you’re planning it. After the first rude comment about … Keep reading…

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Wedding Wednesday: Review of the Tulle La La Subscription Box

I fell in love as soon as I heard its name, and I became obsessed once I realized it was a wedding subscription box. Tulle La La: It’s so fetching I could faint. Tulle La La customizes subscription boxes to fit where each bride is during the wedding-planning process. The company was kind enough to send over a box to review, and I … Keep reading…

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