Wedding Wednesday: Review of the Tulle La La Subscription Box

I fell in love as soon as I heard its name, and I became obsessed once I realized it was a wedding subscription box. Tulle La La: It’s so fetching I could faint.

Tulle La La customizes subscription boxes to fit where each bride is during the wedding-planning process. The company was kind enough to send over a box to review, and I adore each item included in it. My box was called The Details and noted, “At this point you’ve already selected your major vendors, and now it’s time to think about the details.”

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Ready to peek inside?

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Just in Case Emergency Kit

This is the first can’t-live-without-it item I have seen in a wedding subscription box, and I am thrilled. All the extras are great and fun, but this is practical while still being pretty — and I can guarantee it will be in my bag on the big day. This emergency kit comes with a tampon, chalk (for covering stains on white dresses!), a sewing kit, bandages, double-sided tape, hairpins, earring backs, and hair ties, plus room for any extras you may want to add.

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Future Mrs. Starbucks Travel Cup

You know your perfect Pinterest wedding? Five bucks says it involves some version of the bridal coffee cup. But what if on your big day the barista has — dun dun dun — shitty handwriting? Problem solved.

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Happy Tea

Because you need a beverage for your new cup, duh. Plus, this product by Your Tea is ready to improve mood and ease stress and anxiety. Really, it’s tea’s way of telling you, “Lady, you need to calm the hell down. Your wedding will be fine. Drink this.”

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Little Notes for my Big Day Notebook

Planning on reading your hand-written vows? This little blue book is ceremony-ready. (Or, likely in my case, it is prepared to sit in my purse and hold notes reminding myself the stress of wedding planning is so worth it!)

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Totes Getting Married! Tote Bag

This tote by Joves Meyer Events really gets the point across. You’re getting marrrrriiieeedd! Use this around the house to store your planning paperwork, or take a cue from me and hang it on a coat rack 24/7 as a cheerful reminder that all your money is gone for a good reason. (Kidding, sort of… Anyone else riding the wedding stress roller coaster? It’s 50 percent joy and 50 percent, ‘That cost HOW MUCH?’ I think I need the Happy Tea now…)

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Confetti Thin Swarovski Crystal Ring

This adorable detail seriously blew my away. Tulle La La included an aquamarine ring by Confetti by Annette to represent our wedding month! Lucky me, it happens to be my birthstone as well. Dainty and darling! 

I give this box two thumbs up, five stars, and A+’s all around. For the starting price of $40/month, this personalized present provides usable items and cheerful goodies at a value often unseen in subscription boxes. I simply don’t think I can return to a mailbox of bills and no Tulle La La surprises.

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