Trying Five Lip Products: Reviews of Winky Lux, Glo Skin Beauty, Yes to Coconut, and Smith’s

Who else fell in love with lipstick by stealing those tiny Mary Kay and Avon samples from their moms? Anybody? Anybody? Those itty bitty tubes with the clear plastic caps were I’m sure intended to persuade the woman of the house to buy a new shade; instead, they guaranteed a lifetime customer in the smaller gal. The only catch? She wouldn’t have her own money for a handful of years.

When it comes to makeup, lipstick is where I like to take risks. I feel like I’m always playing catch-up learning to apply eye makeup, but I understand (and love) lipstick. In honor of my favorite cosmetic, today’s Trying Five review round-up is focused entirely on the mouth. Pucker up buttercup! I tried five new lip products and I’m here to tell you which ones to skip and which ones to stock up on.

Winky Lux Flower Balm Lip Stain

Try it HERE for $14.
*Complimentary product from the brand

Do you look at any beauty gurus, products, or brands on Instagram? If so, I know you’ve seen this product – it’s clear-to-pink flower lipstick! This color changing lipstick feels like a balm and turns a nice rosy shade once applied. I love it! Plus, it’s the funnest conversation starter. I’ve had so many people ask me about it when taking it out of my purse.

SCORE: Fun and functional

Winky Luxe Double Matte Whip Liquid Lipstick in Whoopie Pie

Try it HERE for $13.
*Complimentary product from the brand

I love how this product looked on, but… I just didn’t love it. I wanted to love it. The packaging is cute and the color is the perfect balance between plum and black. But le sigh.

In my opinion, Jeffree Star Cosmetics sets the standard for liquid lipsticks…and this Winky Lux formula just couldn’t compete. It took about about six or seven full coats plus some touch-ups for it to become this opaque, which meant it never really dried and remained sticky where my lips touch. Since I layered to much on it actually smeared up to my ears while trying to take it off. Hilarious, yes, but not what I was going for. It did photograph really well, and I think it looked equally pretty on. (Just no fun to wear.)

SCORE: Sadly… thanks but no thanks

Glo Skin Beauty Lipstick in Pillow Talk

Try it HERE for $24.
*Complimentary review product from Influenster

Oh hi, nude lipstick that is actually great for my skin tone and feels amazing on. I cannot stop wearing this lipstick. The color is fantastic. The coverage is opaque in one swipe. The formula is moisturizing and creamy.  Hell, the lid is magnetic so even the packaging is perfect. This is lipstick that lives up to its high price tag. JUST LOOK AT IT GUYS.

SCORE: New forever staple

Yes To Coconut 2-Step Single Use Lip Kit Pucker Up!

Try it HERE for $3.99.

My cousin Allison and I spent an evening while I was in Denver watching cable TV in our grandparents’ basement while doing at-home spa treatments we found at the only store open in the middle of the night: Target. She grabbed a moisture mask, I tried one for my terrible break-out, and we both decided we simply had to try this two-part lip scrub and mask from the Yes To line.

As you might imagine, the first step is a scrub and the second is the mask. You get waaaayyy more scrub than you need, which is great as you can always save it for later. (Quick warning: It tastes more like Vaseline than coconut so even though your brain says ‘Hey, it’s sugar!’ I wouldn’t recommend licking your lips.) After the scrub comes the mask, which has the same paper material as a sheet mask and a little cut in the middle so you can still talk.

It was weird wearing a sheet mask on your mouth. I mean, it felt like wearing a normal sheet mask… at the moment is pushes into the wrong spot. But it was insanely fun for selfies and it left both of our mouths feeling great not just that night but the entire following day. I think $4 is a little high for a one-time use product, but worth it if I ever vacation somewhere dry again. Who knew I’d miss humidity? (Well, to clarify, I didn’t… but my skin did.)

SCORE: Worth it for the right occasion

Smith’s Tropical Ambrosia Lip Balm Tube

Try it HERE for $8.

I’ve had at least one tube of Smith’s Rosebud Salve on me at all times for more than ten years. I can’t rave about it enough. So, it should come as no surprise that I audibly squealed to an Anthropologie employee when I spotted a jar of new flavors by the register. I adore tropical scents and flavors and clearly had to buy this new tropical option the moment I saw it. I’m actually surprised I didn’t buy two.

I love the product, but I was surprised when it wasn’t the same formula as the rosebud version. That’s entirely on me, as they don’t have the same name or ingredients – but I didn’t read that because I was excited by the fun colors. This version is thicker and untinted; it’s the version on the right of my shitty cell phone swatch. It takes longer to absorb which is not necessarily bad but worth noting. Oh, and it smells so good I have to remind myself not to eat it which is both pathetic and problematic. Apparently I can’t be trusted.

SCORE: Shoulda bought two

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