Tales of Great Sales: The Summer-To-Fall, Less-Than-$10 Anthro Blouse

Funny story: I was shopping in Denver with my grandmother and cousin at the largest Anthropologie I have ever seen when I spotted a sale top I assumed was mismarked: the perfect summer-to-fall scalloped tank with all-over embroidery, a button-up back, and side smocking for $9.95. At Anthropologie, a store so beautifully overpriced it once had its own parody site. I’ve had Starbucks orders higher than that. Certainly it must be a mistake.

Turns out it was correct, and it is even still available online (in very limited sizing.) Buy whatever size you can and alter it because this shit is perfection.

Currently wearing… Scalloped Crop Top, Anthropologie [HERE] | Purse, vintage [SIMILAR] | Skirt c/o Express [SIMILAR] | Necklace, vintage [SIMILAR] | Booties c/o Soft Surroundings [HERE] | Bracelets, vintage [SIMILAR, SIMILAR] | Hat c/o Here Today [SIMILAR]

Can’t you imagine how great this will be for fall? Picture it peeking out from under a flannel or over a tee with wide-leg jeans. Swoon!

Also, in case you were wondering: Yes, I do become more basic with every passing day. Lattes bring me unreasonable joy and, while it’s skinny vanilla for now, I’m incredibly stoked for the return of pumpkin spice. I’m feeling your judgement. And I’m rejecting your judgement.

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