Wedding Wednesday: 10 Things to Discuss with your Wedding Photographer Before the Big Day

It’s 2016, which means our wedding is just around the corner. Holy matrimony — I still have a lot to do! One thing left on our list is having a good, long chat with our photographer. The photos are one of the most important parts of the day, so chatting with our expert is vital.

You’ve already met our photographer, Lillian Peters of Chameleon Imagery, and read her advice on Should I Hire a ‘Trendy’ Photographer? and How to Know What you Need from a Photographer.

This week, Lillian has even more crucial advice — especially important to those of us who are getting married in the very near future. What should you discuss with your wedding photographer before the big day? See Lillian’s top ten talking points below.


1. Do you want to do a first look?

Would you like to see your soon-to-be spouse before the ceremony or during? Tell your photographer yay or nay.

2. What are the back-up plans in case of bad weather?

If it rains or snows, where will you go for photos? Talk about your plan with your photographer and breathe easy knowing you’re prepared.

3. Are there any ceremony photo restrictions?

For example, is using a flash alright? Should the photographer avoid taking photos during an offering or blessing? If you don’t want any types of photos to be taken, speak up!


4. What is the importance of certain photos?

Of the oodles of images from your wedding day, which are the most important for you? For example, it could be wedding party pictures, family photos, bride and groom solo shots, detail images… Anything.

5. Are there any sensitive wedding party or family situations?

Keep your photographer in the loop. For example, if your maid of honor and the best man had a bad break up, let the photographer know before he or she puts them together in photos. The only thing more uncomfortable than awkwardness in real life is awkwardness in your wedding photos — forever.

6. What are the time restrictions of the venues?

Do you have a set amount of time at each venue? Many churches have a 30-minute window for formal photos, for example. Talk about it early to avoid running out of time.


7. What is your “must-have” list of formal photographs?

List out the absolutely-have-to-have-them formal photos. Do you need a photo of you with your mother’s side of the family? Is your groom really wanting an image of himself, his bride, and his grandparents? Tell your photographer about the top picks.

8. What are the photo location limitations?

You have your venues, but there might be places there you’re not interested in going on your wedding day. Is the couple willing to go in the rain? Is the bride cool with walking in grass? Talk about your location comfort zone.

9. What about night photos?

Night photos can be so romantic. Do you want them? Does your photographer have the capability to take those images?

10. Who is the day-of-the-wedding contact?

It’s the wedding day and the photographer has a question — who is in charge and who should he or she contact if needed?


Thank you for sharing your expertise, Lillian. (She’ll be back soon to better your big day even more.) Happy planning, brides- and grooms-to-be!

All photos by Lillian Peters of Chameleon Imagery. Never forget: While this post is sponsored, my written opinions are entirely my own.

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