Wedding Wednesday: A Review of The Bride Box

OMGIMGETTINGMARRIED. There is something about being engaged that can make a person want to… how can I say this nicely… dork out. I am dork-ing out. I have been dork-ing out since January and I will continue to dork out through my entire engagement. Sometimes when I’m working on wedding details I find myself singing little songs about it. I stare at my ring. I get emotional when I think about my fiance as my — gasp — husband. It’s practically an engagement epidemic, and all chances of me being cool as a cucumber disappeared faster than the first half of my wedding budget. Let the dork-ing out commence.

But dork-ing out is a little more fun with support. An excited bridesmaid, a new coworker, a sales clerk who sees you buying $200 worth of silk flowers and connects the dots… Anyone, really. Now imagine if you could have the excitement and support once a month, every month, until the big day, complete with a legitimate reason to dork out more than normal.

Meet The Bride Box.

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Opening The Bride Box is like getting to tell some friend who isn’t on social media and somehow missed the big announcement that you’re getting m-a-r-r-i-e-d! Eek! How exciting! This monthly subscription box brings a fun box of wedding goodies to your doorstep while you count down the weeks until the big day. It can even be given as a gift!

While I am a huge lover of monthly subscription boxes, sometimes they seem to cost more than they’re worth. The Bride Box costs in the mid-$30 range per month, depending on how many months you sign up for. Is it worth it? It’s time to find out, as The Bride Box graciously sent me box to review. Let’s first take a peek inside…

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It’s an adorable present wrapped in wedded-bliss-blue, waiting to be unwrapped. Thank you note not required.

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Inside one will find a variety of wedding-themed gifts, as well as some vendor details. My package included four categories: stationary, wedding party, beauty, and attire.

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The first item I noticed was this adorable card by Beau & Arrow. The paper is nice and thick and the colors happen to match my own wedding scheme. Coincidence? (Yes, probably, but I’ll stick with ‘I think not!’ for emphasis.)

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I actually squealed when I pulled these out, as socks hold a special place in my heart. I was proposed to with socks! These groom socks by Aisle Always Love are such a fun gift for your guy! Wouldn’t they be great as groomsmen gifts?

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Up next were three beauty products: The Lash Card and It’s So Big Volumizing Mascara by Elizabeth Mott, and Be a Bombshell Lip Gloss in ‘Mauvelous’. While I can see how they help (and they are pretty easy to use), the Lash Cards — which you hold behind your lashes while you apply mascara — weren’t a huge hit for me simply because I don’t wear enough eye shadow to worry about getting mascara on my eyelids. I tend to skip eye makeup all together any more, actually. I have been making a few exceptions for this It’s So Big Volumizing Mascara, though, as it is entirely smudge- and flake-proof, which were the two reasons I stopped wearing eye makeup to begin with. It is beyond comfortable.

The real winner, though, was this Be A Bombshell Lip Gloss. As a lipstick gal, I really never thought I’d like a lip gloss!

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Above you’ll see what one coat of this full-coverage, non-sticky lip gloss looks like. It stays on for hours, requiring merely one post-lunch touch-up during my nine-hour workday. Wouldn’t this be the perfect natural hue for a blushing bride?

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The final item in the box was this incredibly fun glitter tank by Bachette. As much as I’d like to say I’m too cool to wear a shirt that shows off my insane level of bridal excitement, this would look adorable at a post-party Bachelorette Brunch with a scarf and cardigan, or equally cute as festive PJs or workout attire.

Now, on to the grade: I’d give The Bride Box a solid A+! The packaging was perfect, the products were charming, and the value was entirely there. Just the tank and socks add up to a $33 value! Plus, the company has a carefully-curated wedding Pinterest account, which is so many of our favorite reasons to use that social media tool. Don’t pretend like you haven’t looked up at least one dress…

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

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