Wedding Wednesday | Pay your hands some attention!

News flash: As a female, saying you’re engaged is an open invitation for people to look at and/or touch your hands. Flu season be damned, people go bananas over a new engagement ring, myself included. The attention is greatly appreciated and always comes from such a sweet place — but on more than one heartwarming occasion, I have become painfully aware of the sad state of my hands. Chipped glitter polish and flaky skin? Go ahead and try to compliment my ring now. My nails were hideous, my cuticles were gross, my knuckles were cracked… My hands screamed ‘poorly-groomed preteen’ more than ‘blushing bride,’ which was fine until I suddenly had a reason for people to notice.

Plus, it just seemed mean to my beloved ring.

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To do this vintage diamond some justice, I decided to start taking responsibility for my hands. The fact that it’s winter put me at a serious dryness disadvantage, but pretty hands became a very serious goal. Sure, our apartment is a wreck and my hair is in desperate need of a dye, but… my fingers are looking pretty fantastic. Priorities!

Engaged, you say?
Graphic: Engaged, you say? | Polyvore


Start by prepping your hands with treatment. The Crabtree & Evelyn 60-Second Fix For Hands does wonders, and Dr. Lipp’s Original Nipple Balm does wonders for any spots too dry for regular lotion. And yes, for those wondering, it is called Nipple Balm, and yes, I also laughed because it’s a funny word. Now grow up, you’re getting married!

Back to business: Groom your nails using a metal nail file and metal cuticle nippers. Then help your newly-neat cuticles stay nice with Julep’s Essential Cuticle Oil.

Finish off with polish! Apply a base coat, then add two layers of your favorite color — I’m currently digging purples [Lancome / Marc Jacobs / OPI] — and top with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat. To keep smudges at bay, I like to paint my nails in bed right before falling asleep. I simply rest my hands on my stomach or chest, doze off, and wake up to perfect digits. Did you paint outside the lines? At the end of your morning shower, use your thumbnail to gently scratch any leftover polish off your skin.

Ta-da! Your hands are ready for the gawking masses. Now it’s probably time to tackle something more serious, like your wedding budget or venue. What? No? Too stressed? Go ahead and stare at the ring some more. It is awfully sparkly.

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