Sleepy Chic | Put-Together (And Comfortable) in Pitaya

I’ve reached an interesting new point in stress, where if I could wear a cable-knit cocoon nonstop, I would. Without hesitation, I would crawl into my fuzzy cocoon and stumble about my life like some parade entertainment or a Nick Cave sculpture. My hair would be in an unwashed braid, my eyes would be free of the ever-annoying mascara, and my feet would be engulfed in those aloe-infused slipper-socks.

But I can’t have that.

You wanna know what else I can’t have? An affordable wedding, apparently. We’re about one week into wedding planning, and I’ve already been priced out of nearly every venue in the greater St. Louis area — and since the venue determines the date, I can’t move forward with anything else. It. Is. Frustrating. Like, really frustrating. I’ve gotten at least two nausea-inducing price quotes and am sure I’ll hear more. Hand me a tissue and/or pour me a double, because there are few ways to deal with extreme frustration like this that don’t involve panic-tears or panic-booze. For now, all I really want to do is crawl into bed and sleep for the next twelve or so hours.

But I can’t do that.

Nope, I’ve got to go to work. Oh, work! Don’t you always get in the way of everything! Going to work means not sleeping in and not wearing a knit cocoon, no matter how much you want to. And I’ve got to keep looking for venues; there are a few promising leads, and the venue is sort of a big part of the wedding, so I can’t really skip it. No cocoon I guess… If I have to get dressed, the only thing I want is an easy, comfortable outfit — like the office version of the knit cocoon.

That I can handle. Enter the shirt dress.

Pitaya Denim Shirt Dress Outfit with Boots and Leopard (2)

Pitaya Denim Shirt Dress Outfit with Boots and Leopard (5)

Pitaya Denim Shirt Dress Outfit with Boots and Leopard (3)

Pitaya Denim Shirt Dress Outfit with Boots and Leopard (6)

Pitaya Denim Shirt Dress Outfit with Boots and Leopard (4)

Pitaya Denim Shirt Dress Outfit with Boots and Leopard (1)

Currently wearing… Shirt dress c/o Pitaya [SIMILAR] | Belt, second-hand | Oryany bag, c/o Anthropologie [HERE] | Boots, Steve Madden [SIMILAR]  | Bangle, vintage | Earrings, c/o Pitaya

If shirt dresses were a product that required advertising, the slogan would be Shirt Dress – Because Society Frowns on Cocoons. Damn society, always ruining the fun.

Despite my current disdain for real attire, I’m obsessed with my new shirt dress. I recently picked up this chambray beauty (complete with un-pictured tie belt) at Pitaya in the Delmar Loop. I’ve worn this shirt dress twice this week: once belted and once with a loose summer dress layered on top, because I just wasn’t feeling snug anything that day. This frock is multi-season and can be accessorized or simply put on. It barely wrinkles, matches everything, and is perfectly soft. Talk about a wardrobe staple.

In case you don’t believe me, let me end with this: I recently wore the dress from the office to shopping with a friend, then accidentally fell asleep in it with the lights on because it’s that comfortable. I’m about to go to bed and I don’t really care if I find pajamas because of this mad-rad comfort. Don’t you wish you could say that about your pencil skirt?

Comfort, ahoy! (I need some sleep.)


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