What’s Cooking: Easy (Like, SO Easy) Chicken Lettuce Tacos

When Lance first moved in, I cooked all the time. I was convinced Lance had only been fed tuna fish while in the Marines, and our long-distance relationship made it hard to impress his belly with mad rad culinary skills.

Fast forward to now. Like so many, I work full-time, I blog part-time, and I’m broke and exhausted. If I cook anything it has to be fast, cheap, and easy. (Put your best punchline to this accidental joke set-up in the comments. You’re welcome.)

Lance stepped in a while back and started helping with the meals. Now we bounce fast-cheap-easy meal ideas off one another, which is where this delicious treat came from. This is probably our new favorite.

easy chicken lettuce taco - 5

Easy (Like, SO Easy) Chicken Lettuce Tacos

Let’s not pretend to be better than we are: You’re using frozen chicken and you’re too lazy to dethaw it. Just me? Whatever. Bake the frozen chicken thoroughly; for these, it was about 35 minutes at 425 degrees.

Is it done? Good. Remove the baking pan from the oven, then the chicken from the baking pan. Let it cool off enough to not burn the crap out of yourself, then grab those great big ol’ kitchen scissors (shears, or something) and start snipping. You want the chicken to be as close to shredded as you can comfortably manage. It’ll fall apart a bit more in the skillet, never fear.

easy chicken lettuce taco - 1

Now treat this chicken like you’d treat ground beef: add your taco seasoning and water, per packet directions. Also add the red pepper. Then cook that bad boy down and prepare for the smell to overtake your apartment.

Now, have your buddy start washing the romaine lettuce. Dry those leaves like you’re going to lose one taco off your life for every drop of remaining water. Plain and simple, these things are gross when damp.

Once the chicken is taco-smelling and evenly coated in a thick sauce, it’s nearly time to eat. Grab a slotted spoon and scoop meat onto your lettuce leaves; avoid getting too much sauce, as there’s no tortilla to soak up those tasty juices. Throw on your favorite taco toppings, pour yourself a skinny margarita, and enjoy.

easy chicken lettuce taco - 2

easy chicken lettuce taco - 3

easy chicken lettuce taco - 4

I know what you’re asking yourself: Does she use decorative baking sugar to coat the rim of margaritas? You bet your buns I do.

Looks tasty, right? In case you want the food and not the wordy story, here ya go…

Frozen chicken breasts, 1 lb.
Taco seasoning, 1 packet
Water, per taco seasoning instructions
Red pepper, 1 tsp.
Romaine lettuce

Sour cream
Hot sauce

Bake the chicken at 425 until cooked through, approximately 35 minutes. Remove from oven and let partially cool. Cut chicken into bits using kitchen shears. Cook in skillet with taco seasoning, red pepper, and water according to package directions. Drain excess liquid. Serve in romaine lettuce leaves with desired taco toppings. Don’t forget the margarita.

What’s your favorite fast, cheap, and easy meal?

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