Layer up, pretty! | Multi-Season Madewell Dress

As I write this post, I’m cuddling my pups and watching Parks and Recreation. Why? I really like multitasking.

I love reading magazines while eating dinner. The car is both a mode of transportation and a place to eat lunch (not at the same time). I like to fold laundry while watching movies. My lipstick makes a great blush substitute. Sunglasses are eyewear and headbands. Nail polish is good for fingers, toes, and crafts. The jumbo Scrabble tiles on our wall make for fun art and an entertaining pastime. Call me crazy, but two activities, or uses, are often better than one.*

Clothing is no different, and this Madewell dress I recently fell in love with is a perfect example. It’s a thick fabric in a dark color; plus, it has pockets, which may not be related to season but does mean it should be worn a lot. Take a summer frock, layer a blouse underneath, add a few fall favorites—like boots, tights, and a felt hat—and get ready for the briskness of approaching autumn.







Currently wearing… Dress, Madewell [HERE] | Blouse, The Limited [SIMILAR] | Tights, Francesca’s [HERE] | Boots, Steve Madden [SIMILAR] | Hat, World Market [SIMILAR] | Tote, Jacobs by Marc Jacobs [SIMILAR] | Scarf, freebie | Jewelry, vintage

Note: I might be irrationally happy about the arrival of cool weather. Did I stand outside our apartment, yelling “It’s BOOT season!” while laughing maniacally? That’s for me (and my neighbors) to know.

*Some exceptions to the two-uses-are-better-than-one rule apply. Toothbrushes are coming to mind. Oh, and everything on this list. But summer dresses? Definitely perfect for multitasking.


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