Tales of Great Sales | The $5 Moto Jacket

Drum roll, please… It’s time for more Tales of Great Sales!

They ought to just give me a crown. Wrap a tiara in coupons, sprinkle on some sweet discounts, put a clearance sticker in the middle and name me the discount queen. I’ll start working on my royal wave now.

For this legendary example of coupon-ing prowess, I must bring you back to your childhood. Remember shopping with your mother at JCPenney? And you know how you probably don’t shop there anymore? Bad move.

Here’s a conversation I have often…

Fashion-lover: Wow! I love your [dress/blouse/jacket/etc.]. Where did you find it?
Me: Thank you! It’s from JCPenney.
Fashion-lover: Huh?
Me: Penney’s.
Fashion-lover: Where?
Me: JCP.
Fashion-lover: But…
Me: Shh, shh, I know, it isn’t the same store you remember.

Now, back to this particular instance of nearly-free clothing. While visiting my hometown, I stopped by the Springfield, Ill., JCP with my mom. (Shopping with your mother is always a good idea.) I walked past this jacket twice and shrugged when she showed it to me on the hanger. “It’s sort of boxy,” I remember explaining. “You should try it on,” she said. Words to live by.

The deal was out of control. I bought two button-up shirts, a long-sleeved crop-top sweatshirt, and this khaki moto jacket. The four items retailed for more than $180, and were on sale for $26 total—and I had a coupon for $10 off $25. Even before my coupon, this jacket was marked down to $4.99, which was about 10% of the original price; after the coupon, this spectacular outerwear specimen was free.






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Do you have a great sale tale to share? Tell me in the comments!


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