Beat the Heat in a LBD

When it’s too hot to function, where do you go? In St. Louis, the obvious answer is the museum; most of ours are free, including my personal favorite the Missouri History Museum. And right now at the Missouri History Museum, you can see a fantastic fashion-themed exhibit and beat the heat all without dropping a penny. Little Black Dress: From Mourning to Night is open to the public through September 5, 2016.

I was invited to tour the exhibit after it opened, and I fell in love. Little Black Dress covers the history of the LBD from mourning-specific attire (including the very lengthy mourning process of years past) to fashion staples.


Obviously I had to wear a LBD.

So, who was behind the fashionable switch? Coco Chanel, of course. (Who else would it be?) Several Chanel items are included in the exhibit among the dozens and dozens of other dresses ranging from historical to contemporary.




I can’t recommend this exhibit enough. I had a blast touring it with my fellow blogger babes, and have loved trying to pick a favorite from the collection. I couldn’t help but fall in love with this studded number. Embellishments for the win! Stop by before the exhibit closes in September, and be sure to send me a picture of your favorite frock!

Thank you for sponsoring this post, Missouri History Museum! Photos by Elizabeth Wiseman.

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