Wardrobe improvements, pets included

Season changes, especially after the freezing lull of winter, call for an abundance of upgrades: spring cleaning, swimsuit ready, spring makeovers, fresh look. This updated, fresher look isn’t just for me– it’s for the pets. And no, before you flip shit, the pets aren’t in outfits and Yogurt isn’t in cat handbag. But we all do look awesome.

Jacket, Urban Outfitters | V-Neck Tee, Hazel2Blue \ Skirt, Hot Topic | Tights, Francesca’s | Boots, Steve Madden | Sunglasses, freebie
On Cap’n Crunch, collar and leash, Pooch Pizazz | On Count Chocula, collar and leash, Pooch Pizazz

The new v-neck gifted from Hazel2Blue is in a lovely plum-meets-fuchsia hue, much like my purse, and pairs nicely with my primarily neutral wardrobe. Maybe this season I’ll actually stick to the wear more color rule I keep trying to enforce. Even if I don’t, I’m sure to wear more plum-fuchsia, as this top is too soft to ignore.

Hazel2Blue recently launched and is a family business– I know because I met the matriarch when she hosted our STLFW happy hour at Robust Wine Bar. The stock is somewhere between Urban and Anthropology with hints of Gap basics. Below, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite items. It’s a tightly curated website with a definite vibe– you can tell people picked out the products and not a team of PR-marketing-comm experts. And that’s a refreshing change of pace.

Bronze Bar Necklace - Hazel2Blue
Bronze Bar Necklace | Hazel2Blue
Navy Blue Tundra Dress - Hazel2Blue
Navy Blue Tundra Dress | Hazel2Blue
Perfect Knitted Lace Crop in Coral - Hazel2Blue
Perfect Knitted Lace Crop in Coral | Hazel2Blue

To match by new look– or raise the bar, really, as they look dashing and I better keep up– the pets are donning their new Pooch Pizazz duds. This Etsy store donated pet items during the STLFW event, and I was thrilled to find a small bag with my name on it full of accessories for my three fuzzy baby boys.

The two slobbering ones, Cap’n and Count, have been rocking their new ribbon-encrusted collars and leashes, while Yogurt is looking ultra-exotic in his new red animal print collar. He wears it, I swear, but it is string-like-ish… Which means the moment I had it in hand he snatched it away.

With Yogurt, collar, Pooch Pizazz

Now that the boys have these handsome new looks, their scratched up metal ID tags look so… I don’t know, sharpened? I swear, the cat has been running the edge of his heart tag on the cement floors to slowly form a weapon and he’s getting questionably close. I’m tempted to order three resign cuties, but then the boys might out-accessorize me and that could be awkward. (Kidding. I wear enough accessories for a small township.)

Custom Pet ID Tag - Pooch Pizazz
Custom Pet ID Tag | Pooch Pizazz

Am I crazy for letting my pets enjoy makeover season, too? Or are you making your poor pets miss out? Think about that. But seriously, this might have taken crazy cat lady to a new level, and I wear a cat dress. Whatev. Speaking of which, I think it’s time to crawl into bed and cuddle up with my kitten and pups… Sweet dreams!

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